Secure Together SRT321/SSR303 or Horstmann ASR-ZW/HRT4-ZW (Updated DTH in post 61)

Yes, although you can trigger a wakeup by using the DIP switches.
Can’t rember which switch although it will be in the manual somewhere…

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Absolutely awesome, all working. Huge thanks for sorting this, it should make life a little better and that what this is all about! :slight_smile:

If anyone wants the dip settings then there’s some good info here for whatever reason the Horseman website is down at the time of posting.

Final question before I leave you alone. The stat will be used in a part of the house that gets rarely used. I don’t really need a schedule although I’m sure it will come in handy, what would be good is two buttons, one to set the setHeatingSetpoint at 5 (for frost protection) and the other for a pre-defined value, say 25C. Do you think that’s possible? If it is might have to have a look at the code (not my forte)!

It should be possible to call setTemperature from a couple of new tiles.

Hi @meavydev, another question for you. Do you use SmartTiles? Just curious if you do? I can’t drop the set point below 7C with SmartTiles and wondered if you had the same issue?

No sorry I don’t.
Mind you, 7C for heat? That’s a pretty damn cold room… I use higher temperatures that that for frost guard.

I’m in the UK and have a part of the house that is mostly unused. 5C is my frost guard. No worries.

P.S. I installed it yesterday. Worth a look if you have 5!

My guess is that, as SmartTiles is web based, they have a minimum temperature for a heating tile and you’ve just found it :wink:

Sorry to resurrect this thread. I’m just transitioning all my zwave devices from a Vera to ST.

I have multiple HRT4-ZWs. I have moved one over, and the set point is all updating from your source code, thank you.
The current temperature though is not coming across. How do i get the current room temperature reported too?


The SRTs report the current room temperature for me, so no idea why it doesn’t work for you. Perhaps wake up or some reporting difference.
I guess I should have said it’s displayed at the bottom left field.

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Anyone having issues with these?

They’ve been rock solid using @meavydev DTH but today I’ve had to setpoint changes not happen.

Symptoms as follows:

CoRE changes the setpoint to a pre-defined value at a specific time
The device acknowledges the setpoint change
The stat wakes up as expected

All appears fine, ST app thinks the stat is at the new set point but the stat does not. For example ST thinks the Stat is at 18 but it’s still at the previous setpoint of 16.

If I then moved the stat the ST app updates immediately.

Any ideas?


My guess is the super reliable SmartThings latest firmware :wink:
Try doing an update of all the scheduled items in the web interface and possibly a Z Wave repair, as obviously the app hasn’t changed so must be attempting to do the send but the hub isn’t actually doing it.

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Will do. Appreciate the swift response.


So, z-wave repair done. No joy.

If we ignore CoRE and just focus on the device:

All setpoint changes using the dial on the stat work fine.
If I change the temp using the app and then wait for a wakeup the stat never changes.

I’ve got 3 of these and the 2 I’ve checked so far have this issue.

Any other ideas?

Unfortunately as we haven’t changed anything, then the only thing it can be is a SmartThings problem.
My guess is they have messed up something on the servers, but it could be firmware, although for it to have just started seems more like backend.
So raise it with SmartThings support, as the more that complain, the more likely they are to look at it.

For reference, they have either broken the sending of multiple commands to battery devices on wake up, or the heating setpoint​:
cmds << zwave.thermostatSetpointV1.thermostatSetpointSet(setpointType: physicalgraph.zwave.commands.thermostatsetpointv1.ThermostatSetpointSet.SETPOINT_TYPE_HEATING_1, scale: state.deviceScale, precision: state.p, scaledValue: state.convertedDegrees).format()

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Thanks will do. Can you confirm you’ve got the same issue?

Ticket logged with ST.

Looks like it, as the event is being logged but no signs of the setpoint, but they were working the day before.
I’m sure I saw a post from someone at SmartThings mentioning they were doing “platform” changes starting on April 17th, but I can’t find it now. This seems like it could be the reason for setpoints stopping working.

I remember reading the same thing.

A references here to changes on the AWS side:

There have been some changes with the Amazon aws today that caused us to force an update. Things just stopped working!

I have no idea what the change was, but it had a major impact on EchoSistant.

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For reference, this is what I raised with ST support:
" It appears either the latest firmware update or a back end platform change has broken our battery operated ZWave SRT321 thermostat setpoints.
They use the following ZWave command:

cmds << zwave.thermostatSetpointV1.thermostatSetpointSet(setpointType: physicalgraph.zwave.commands.thermostatsetpointv1.ThermostatSetpointSet.SETPOINT_TYPE_HEATING_1, scale: state.deviceScale, precision: state.p, scaledValue: state.convertedDegrees).format()

This happens in a WakeUpNotification event and is followed by a wakeUpNoMoreInformation command to put the devices back to sleep.

More than one person had them stop working on the same day, April 19th, and we are in the UK, so my guess is it’s something that you broke in the latest firmware update or in the platform changes that I think I saw mentioned as starting on April 17th"