North Q Gas Meter

Can anyone help with a problem i am having. About 3 weeks ago I bought a z wave gas meter reader from North Q. Someone on here was already using their electric meter monitor and I only had to change a couple of parameters to use the device handler with this. Basically the unit has a probe which sticks to the front of the gas meter where the numbers are, as the numbers rotate one of them has a magnet on it which activates a hall switch on the gas reader, the unit then counts these pulses and lets you keep track of the gas being used.

This has worked flawlessly for 3 weeks then suddenly stopped updating its readings, according to the ide logs, the unit is waking up regularly and sending a report, but the report stops at the section which says payload, previously the payload contained a string of numbers which was the meter reading, battery level etc. All i get now is the reading below;

Event received parsing: 'zw device: 16, command: 8407, payload: ’

I havent changed anything on the system ( I was actually diving in Malta when it stopped working) so am at a loss. I have removed the device and re added it to no avail.

How long ago 2 days ago?

4 days ago now, 23.00 18th April gmt

Something happened a couple of days ago that has affected some z-wave functionality. There are a number of issues starting to surface on here in relation to them.

I ask because I’m curious just how far reaching the issue is. Whilst I’m not sure this is the same issue affecting you its possible. To date there been a couple of users who have raised a ticket with ST support in the UK and been told that they won’t look at the issue because the device in question is unsupported. Are you in the UK?

Couple of links here:

Yes I am. When I get chance I am going to have a play with the device, I think it only reports a payload if the numbers have changed, so if the device isn’t registering units being used then its possible thats why its not reporting.

Hi @jarm69

Would you be able to tell me what you changed in the device handler (assuming you started wiht the Electric one) to get the Gas meter working ?

Pretty Please!

Thanks :wink: