Second Version of Smart Alarm Device /Type for a Status Dashboard

Center of green tile does dismiss alarm but dismiss button does nothing. And yes multi attribute is blank as well as background color behind status.

strange… the multi attribute tile code is direcdt from examples I just checked and works fine in android… not sure why it is not working in ios… same for the switch tile…

have you gone all the way out off the app and back in… it definitely is running the correct code according to the debug statemetns I added

Yes have gone out of app by force quitting then reloading. As far as the multi attribute tile not as important as colors behind status. And since dismiss works from center the dismiss button isn’t needed but would be nice. Also on water alert the wording is cut off in the icon.

When I set off the water alert the dismiss icon shows but has no use non functioning. then when cleared from center of icon on top the dismiss icon disappears.

The colors behind the status tries to show but is gone in a split second!

icon should disappear… only comes up when alert is active… not sure why it is not working … ios doesn’t like something about both the multiattribute tile even though the push is working the secondary attribute control is not…

I put a version up for ios for the notification device where I changed the value tiles to standard tiles… see if that works… I don’t like it because the text is not centered and looks like crap… not sure why the tiles are not working in ios.

the cut off wording is a function of your phone and or the multiattribute tile in ios… works fine for me… there are multiple bugs in the system and we have not control over text size… if we get everything else working you can report it to smartthings… I believe the missing secondary control is also a bug in ios… you have the latest version of the smart things app loaded correct?

Yes I will try the other version but wish this one worked it is very impressive. I never had a problem with colors behind tiles. I think it is something to do with the lite and unlite commands.

probably… I will change so that the value matches the states and see if that works… also for now I added the textual arm status back so that at least in ios you can see the current arm state since currently niehter the colored tiles or the multi attribute secondaery control is working.

the problem is I don’t actually want a value displayed… because the button value should always say disarmed etc.

if the other version works … that will tell us it doesn’t like value tiles in ios where you don’t have the state = value label for some reason

OK this version works . If I have an alarm and press the little dismiss button it clears and says OK but if I try to send another water alert it doesn’t allow it for about three minutes which I think that is what it should be doing. Just wish the icon would show the full text. Is there a way to use the text from before with the icon in background?

As far as the multi purpose tile, you will have to send to ST as I have nothing to show them. But I think that is an IOS problem that was created when they did the last IOS update.

here is some discussion on the issue in ios… I will modify the ios version to use the regular tile instead of multi attribute tile since that doesn’t work in ios…

I have updated the ios version with a regular tile instead of the multi attribute tile… try it…

it really is a shame the multi attribute tile when working allows you to see the arming state on the first page with the secondary value…

Yes That is what I thought. Will you be able to keep the pretty icons with text under or across in the large tile? Maybe don’t change the multi attribute for a while as they are working to fix this. That way it will be ready without you playing again.

yes sorry… I forgot that saved version didn’t have the icons… the icons should be back…

I also added the actions back in see if pressing it on alert still works.

OK notedev.groovy doesn’t work which version should I use?

the ios version

Is the multi Attribute tile still active so when ST fixes it it will start functioning? And thanks for the great work.

no you cannot have both… if you want the text to work… and not wrap use this version… I will update next time they release a new version it is commented out.

I am using that version which is commented out but the water alert is cut short so do I have the wrong one I used the IOS one.

Thank you so much for the great work, it is a shame ST screws something up everytime they update,

Out of curiosity what is this Alarm with arrow on top of green tile. If you click the arrow it goes to another duplicate Alarm page. If you do it a number of times to get back to things you have to click it as many times as you did the other way.