Second Version of Smart Alarm Device /Type for a Status Dashboard

Thanks, I understand but intruder insted of leak is just a tile change I hope.


Alert fixed so warter, fire and intrusion show correctly.
Other changes
As outlined added switch capability to the notification device.
The switch tile is blank and lights up when there is an alert. See pictures below.
When you turn off the switch the smart alarm smart app gets the notification and clears the alarm. But as mentioned if you leave it armed (ie don’t change state) and the alert zone is still tripped it will re-trip etc.

Also change the tiles on the notification device as requested. The arm status still will show in the multi attribute tile (hope they fix the too small font as was told they would in next android release)
but the statuses of disarmed, armed stay and armed away now also show up in 3 tiles. The current status will light up in the correct tile. You will need to update both the notification device type and the smart app.


also as a side not dismiss or disarm will not really get rid of water or smoke alert because these zones are set to alert type by default which means they alert regardless of whether smart alarm is armed or not. so clearing the alert will temporarily silence the alarm but if the zone is still tripped with will re-alert. The only way to truly stop is to get the zone to stop tripping or remove the sensor from the alarm temporarily while you address the issue. however, this also depends on your sensor. for instance, if you water sensor does not generate another open even until it is reset the alarm will not go off again.

Looks great but which file do I update?

as I mentioned both.

Both Installed but Status does not have color around the status of the Alarm as yours shows Green circle around Armed Stay. I also have the SmartThings Logo where yours says All OK the color shows up for a split second than gone. Also no Dismiss alert on my screen.

I also notice in the green area you have in small text some writing I don’t have that either.

I noticed in this section: If I take the word icon:", out the status shows in the colored top section but no colors behind status tiles or dismiss tile doesn’t even show when alarm present.
tiles (scale: 2){
multiAttributeTile(name:“status”, type: “generic”, width: 6, height: 4){
tileAttribute (“device.status”, key: “PRIMARY_CONTROL”) {
attributeState “All Ok”, label:“All Ok”, action:"", icon:"", backgroundColor:"#4f9558"
attributeState “Water Alert”, label:“Water Alert”, action:"", icon:"", backgroundColor:"#007f8f"
attributeState “Smoke/CO2 Alert”, label:“Smoke/CO2 Alert”, action:"", icon:"", backgroundColor:"#711100"
attributeState “Intrusion Alert”, label:“Intrusion Alert”, icon:"", backgroundColor:"#8a0707"

no icon color means it doesn’t know you state… arm/disarm ie change modes to it gets the notification
the blank icon must be something that ios specifically does not handle… I will remove it from the app. or look for a security icon

OK then why doesn’t it know the state, as it is changing in smart alarm?

maybe you didn’t update smart alarm as well. that needs to be ujpdated

I did but I will do it again now.

if it still is not updating post your ide logs for both

Here is Smart Alarm:

Here is Alarm: Notifier

When arming or disarming a green circle shows for a split second behind the status, and a red circle shows up in the Dismiss Alarm for a split second. As you can see it is getting status. I have installed three times both .

try updating your notification device again with new code… maybe ios does not like the blank icons and actions… I added some icons and also now you can push to main tile to dismiss as well as the dismiss button… show log again when you arm dismar

Ok the green area shows new icon and Dismiss area has icon but no color behind status or small writing in green area. Dismiss does nothing.

I just updated notification Device correct not smart alarm?

yes update again and post logs both for arming disarming and attempt to dismiss…
your mutlit attribute tile is not working either… there should be small text etc.