Status Update Event

In the device handler, i’d like to perform device status update every time Device Handler is access/open up.This will ensure user will see latest HW’s state. I saw built-in fuctions to run at different interval, but this is not really what I need. Would be great if someone can give me a pointer. TIA!

I don’t think this is possible at this time.

No event is sent from the App to the DTH unless a Tile is tapped; that’s why a lot of DTH’s have a “Refresh” Tile.

Thank you for your answer tgauchat! Another newbie question. From my 1 week of experience with ST, i felt like Device Handler is already sufficient to control device. Why do we need a SmartApp for each device? I can see the benefit to write a generic SmartApp to control several devices, but not sure if a SmartApp is needed for every Device Handler. Am I missing something?

What kind of Device are you creating? As much detail as possible please!

A SmartApp isn’t required at all for ZigBee and Z-Wave devices because they receive their messages directly in the parse() method and there are API calls to respond.

You only need a Service Manager SmartApp for cloud-to-cloud or LAN connected device types; and they can spawn child device instances. But there’s really no reason to mix a bunch of different device types in a single SmartApp … it adds confusion rather than removes it. It is not the fundamental architecture.

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