Alarm DTH doesn't work in new ST app

I was forced to upgrade to the new ST app and my Alarm STH just shows a cloud with a line through it.

Here’s the groovy code roughly being used:

In ST classic it shows 1 tile for each item the alarm system tracks (each door, etc). How do I make this work in the new app?

NewApp does not currently have the capability of presenting custom UI elements. That featureset is in early beta. To learn more go to this thread:

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When it has the ability to display custom UI elements will the previous groovy code just work like it does in the previous app?

From what it appears from what’s been seen in the beta, yes - you’re creating a custom presentation then adding the UI elements to the existing DTH. Just the beta is VERY early and right now is hit/miss because it’s a moving target.

Also with the recent announcement of an actual date for the retirement of classic - I’d press the ST team hard to make sure this feature set at least makes it to a stable prerelease before they sunset Classic…

Unfortunately it’s too late, today I got this e-mail:

We will be discontinuing the SmartThings Classic app on October 14 .

While I really have enjoyed using SmartThings, I no longer have time to deal with this kind of transition. At this point I’ll use classic as long as I can, and if it gets shut down I’ll have to move to HomeAssitant in the future (when I get time again) so that I won’t need to ever worry about this sort of thing happening again.