Phillips Hue White and Color A19 (3rd gen, 464503) $40 each Amazon (20% off)

Philips Hue White and Color A19 LED Bulb for IOS and Android (3rd Generation, 464503) for $49.99 - 20% (applied at the checkout page) = $39.99 for Amazon Prime members. I’m not sure how long this deal will last, but it appears to be for a limited time.


Is this a good price you would say? Been wanting to get some just wanted to wait until the price was dropped.

It is about the best you are going to find for now. Philips is having a 20% off sale on bulbs to " celebrate" the new Alexa skill color update just released.

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It’s the lowest price I have seen for Amazon using CamelCamelCamel. I picked up some Gen2 bulbs for ridiculous prices from Sears closeouts recently, but I think it may be quite some time before the Gen3 bulbs drop into the 20-$30 range. Gen3 bulbs are brighter and some of the colors are more “vivid”.

Would you say its worth it then or should just find some gen 2s on sale? Very temped to get a Sam’s club account to get the gen 1 strips for 27$

I think you can still find the 30 day free trial accounts, but I am not sure they work for online orders

Snagged one on the cheap after a $25 Amazon GC I had burning a hole in my pocket for a whole 2 hours today. :grin:

Thanks OP.

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Hampton Bay 6-3/5 in. White Uplight Floor Lamp $8.38

They are easy to hide behind furniture and put in corners, etc.


is this basically making your own bloom/iris?

Says it currently is unavailable! I’ve been watching these for a long time… argh… wish i could have snagged this deal.

@thrash99er its still working for me - you might want to try again.

They are back in stock at the time of this post.