Seam: Temporary Solution for Managing Lock Guest Codes (Jan 2023)

@smartant i responded in another thread, but my guess is that Hostaway hasn’t fully released it yet. I have a call tomorrow morning with their product/engineering team. I’ll inquire on approximate ETA.


Thanks Sy, no problem!
I’m just glad to know that it isn’t ‘just me’.

I appreciate your time with it.

Very appreciated @sybohy

Does seem have the ability to control LOCATION MODE (Away/Home/Night)?

I am unable to connect ST. I get an error message saying “Could not login with the provided credentials”. I tried on a laptop, pixel 6 pro and tablet. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

You can reset your password here

My Samsung/ SmartThings password works great, that’s not the problem. It’s logging into seam

Apologies my mistake, tagging @sybohy

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Account linking should be back up. email if you’re still having issues so that we can dig into the precise cause.

@LaurieDale you are most likely in a sandbox workspace. You cannot connect a real SmartThings account in a sandbox. For context, we provide the sandbox for API developers to test their code. You can only use virtual test accounts in there.

How to switch to a product workspace in order to connect a real account:

  • In the dashboard, there should be a drop down in the top right. Click on it.
  • There should be a button in the expanded menu that says “+ Add Workspace”
  • Create a new workspace and make sure NOT to enable sandbox mode

You will now be able to create a webview and connect your account. Let me know if you are still having issues

I’m not sure why you’d claim seam to be a scam. It’s clear they are a legitimate company (b2b) but trying to help out in a b2c situation. I think it would have been more appropriate to inquire here for assistance than throwing around accusations.


Not an accusation, a concern.
I have been inquiring, not only to no avail, but to regression.

@GPM I sent you a couple of emails regarding resetting your password and jumping on a Zoom call to help you through issues. I also provided you my personal phone number in case that’s easier for you.

With respect to being logged out of your Seam account and not being able to log back in, as mentioned, we don’t currently support password reset without direct communications with our team. It’s mostly tied to security-rules and fear we have around account hijacking. We could change this policy over time but it’s not in the cards at the moment.

With respect to SmartThings account linking, there’s been a lot of issues these past 10+ days. As of this morning, we introduced a brand new auth flow that appears to be resolving problems for the vast, vast majority of folks. I’m sure it’s not perfect yet as it was just released, but hopefully this gets you through.


Hi group. I’m trying to use the Zapier integration and I am having troubles with dates/time zones/daylight savings time.

  1. is there documentation for the Zapier integration and if yes, where do I find it?

  2. what time zone is the text string for date and time supposed to be in? The time zone of the lock? What exactly is supposed to be the format? I’m using YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:00

  3. How does the system deal with changes in Daylight Savings Time? It seems if I set a code today (before the daylight savings change) for date/time after the daylight savings time, the system doesn’t automatically make the adjustment. It may be just a interface display thing.

If I can make some recommendations:

  1. the web interface should display the date & time based on the Timezone of the lock, showing the time it will actually activate at that point in time (so if the lock is in Los Angeles and the code is set in the summer then the displayed date/time should be in PDT, if the code is to be active in the winter then it should display PST). I think this will alleviate a lot of confusion. I would recommend that the Date/Time to be selected in the interface that it should the same -The actual time date based on where the lock is and what time of year

  2. The Zapier API either: a) same as abobe and accept the date/time that the lock will activate/deactivate at the locks time zone (and daylight savings) b) accept the date/time in UTC and translate it to the locks location/season

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Thank you so much!!! We are a timeshare that just recently upgraded door locks to zwaves in the hope of being able to give owners and guests custom door codes just as groovy was pulled and we lost the ability to limit codes by date/time. This is exactly what we needed.

Hi everyone! My name is Jeremy and I’m part of a team working on a new solution for automating smart lock codes for Airbnb and Vrbo hosts.

We’re currently in the development stages of our product–called Envo–which should be ready for launch in about a month or so. If you’re interested in learning more as we continue development, head over here: Easily Automate Your Smart Lock Codes - KIO Home and leave us your email. We’d love to talk to you about Envo and get to know you better!

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Hey @sybohy, I finally started using Seam for managing my lock (I changed the 2FA option on my samsung account as you suggested), and wow, such a great app. Thank you so much for this !

So, to get connected to Seam, you need to turn off 2FA for your Samsung account? I think that’s what keeps blocking me.

Hey, nop, you can have sms or any third party auth app as 2FA method to be able to connect your Samsung account to Seam. Only the ‘galaxy phone’ 2FA is not working.
I’m changed to 1password 2FA and it works great, but you can use any other app you want.

You are very welcome! I personally think we can make things a lot better… I’m also really looking forward to seeing apps built on top of the API that are more appropriate for a less technical audience.

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Hi, having an issue with connecting the new workspace - Im able to pull up my locations but when I try to connect one I get this error url -
it shows the connection pending in the workspace