Seam: Temporary Solution for Managing Lock Guest Codes (Jan 2023)

@sybohy , I’m getting an error when I’m first connecting to my smarthub.

After selecting the permissions to read and write to my hub, when I submit to authorize, I get this error:

{“error”:{“type”:“invalid_input”,“message”:“code is required”,“validation_errors”:{“_errors”:,“code”:{“_errors”:[“Required”]}},“request_id”:“58f70caa-0603-4942-b974-242a8e9b82c9”},“ok”:false}

@sybohy I had to delete my door lock and repair as it wasn’t using the Edge Driver, now that I’ve added and re-authorized the web view, I dont see the newly added Door Lock or any devices for that matter in Seam. Getting the following error

  • Errors

Account Disconnected, you may need to reconnect the account with a new webview. This may happen if the third-party provider triggered an access token to be revoked (e.g. after a password change)

I have resolved but had to delete all workspaces and recreate everything from scratch.

@sybohy is the Seam dashboard still an option?
I created an account but see now it’s asking me to create organizations, buildings, etc.
I thought I set up an access pass, but don’t see anywhere to actually enter a code.

yep you can go to but that’s going to be very API specific. is a new product/dashboard we’re shipping for operators.