Smart Locks Home Solution? Did miss something?

Stumbled upon this SmartThings SmartApp this evening while browsing the marketplace. It’s a native lock code manager. I do not remember ever seeing this before. Is this new, or something that’s been around for a long time?

Installing it adds a widget to the Home Solutions section.

Which takes you to a dashboard.

Hope this is new, or I’m going to feel pretty stupid in the morning.


It’s new!

This is a feature request that has been tracked for quite awhile and I am personally very excited to see released! I’ve been using it for a few weeks and am liking it but there are definitely enhancements we’d like to add over time. If you have feedback or enhancement requests, please let Support know!


Hi Brad!

Would you be able to share some of the features, as I cannot find any documentation? Also, which locks would be compatible?

I’ve been debating for a long time (since Nest announced Linus all the way back in 2015) what lock to get and which features are important, namely:

  • remote lock/unlock
  • assigning different users different access codes
  • putting specific time windows or expiration in users’ codes
  • auto unlock when approaching

Thanks in advance!

Certainly! The support article can be found here but I’d be happy to elaborate on the feature.

All of your locks should be automatically added to Smart Locks though the feature works best with certified compatible locks.

Key Features:

  • Lock all locks with a single tap
  • Quickly view the status of your locks
  • Create/delete lock codes remotely
  • Share lock codes via SMS
  • See which lock codes were used and when

As for scheduling time windows and expiration dates on codes, that currently isn’t supported but definitely is recognized as an important feature to add.

Lastly, for auto unlock when approaching. You can achieve this with a Routine and mobile presence or a physical arrival sensor.

Any other questions, please let me know!


You are going to find yourself in a pickle to choose. I too have been waiting since 2015 for the Yale Linus to be released.

So which direction you choose can be based on some additional things.

  • With Nest releasing their new Secure Hub, the Linus is being released in early 2018 that will work directly with Nest in that eco system. If you are looking at things from a Security aspect and you are going to integrate the Nest Secure with your existing Nest products, then this Yale Linus might be the lock you want. I’m looking to separate Security (using Nest) and home automation (SmartThings). Waiting for the Nest doorbell too to complete that eco system.

Because the Linus was never released (I even spoke with a rep at Yale in January who said it would be available in June but I believe that changed because of Secure). So for me personally while waiting, I purchased two Yale YRD120zw (T1L) locks that integrate well with SmartThings. I’m using the RBoy Lock Manager with Universal Z-Wave Device Handler. I have not had one single issue with my locks ever dropping or losing contact or going offline. After 8 months, one of my locks got down to 2% battery and I changed only 1 of the 4 (lol I ran out) AA batteries and it went back to 65%

  • As for the functionality that ST has introduced with this SmartApp, I haven’t played with it yet (which I’m sure I am going to check out this week), so outside of what Brad has given you for details, I am not sure what it’s compatibility (compatibility list is there) is with all the locks and how reliable it is.

As for choosing a lock in general, and if you aren’t going to hold out for the Linus and aren’t going to go with the Secure Hub, my personal recommendation and being a bit biased would be a Z-Wave Lock from either Yale or Schlage. Locks like August and Kwikset, personally just don’t do it for me. Not saying they are horrible, I just don’t like them, mainly for their aesthetics.

  • There are other things that may sway you in another direction as well. The Amazon Key program requires a special lock which is limited if you venture down that path.

I’m sure others will chime in with their own opinions, recommendations and thoughts.

From my view, SmartThings adding this lock functionality is a pretty big step in the right direction :slight_smile:


If I am correct, there is no way to see what a particular lock code is after it is created. Correct? I see it show when it is first created, but if you leave the screen and come back the code is not shown.

First, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t include such a simple feature like time windows and expirations. Especially when these features are already available with the Lock Manager community SmartApp——it clearly isn’t a difficult feature to add.

Second, when I try to create a code it just tells me that it “The Lock Code couldn’t be created. Please try again.” Any idea why this error would be happening? I’m using a Schlage Z-wave touchpad deadbolt.

I cannot speak specifically as to the decision to not include timed access codes, but I can theorize that it is likely related to a couple factors. First, the desire to have some core functionality in this space. Security is one of the weakest areas of SmartThings, even with the recent launch of the ADT solution. Competitors like Iris have had lock code management for years. Secondly, there are a couple decent community alternatives that have enhanced features such as temporary codes; they may not have felt that it was necessary to compete against those at this time.

As far as you issue with creating codes. These errors occur if you have codes already present on the lock. For example, if you’re switching from, or using another lock manager in parallel, or if you have manually created codes on the lock. If any of those are true I suggest that you remove the lock from SmartThings and perform a factory reset to ensure all old codes are erased. After that, re-connect the lock to SmartThings and you should have no issues adding users at that point.

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if you already have a custom device handler installed for that lock, it will need to be switched to the local zwave lock device handler for that device.


I just heard about it and switched over this morning. The only function I miss from my previous device handler is a notification giving the proper name of the code used. Pushover Notify Me gives notifications but only gives the code number. Under Smart Home monitoring you can setup custom notifications but it does not give any info on what code is used. Any ideas?

Acd37. If you setup with Zwave lock with keypad you will get that error. If you just select Zwave lock you won’t but it still works. Not sure why they have the one with keypad there.

Thanks, Brad!

The official list doesn’t specifically mention the new Yale Assure SL, but the Yale website mentions that it works with SmartThings.

At this point, based on aesthetics and functionality, I like the SL or I may wait for the Kwickset Obsidian (assuming there is eventual integration)

@Brad_ST – I have two Yale T1L locks, and I am unable to add codes through the SmartApp. I fill out the required information, click create code and get the error “Somethings Wrong - The Lock Code couldn’t be created. Please Try Again” Then I click OK and nothing has happened.

What is the problem?

Looks like you are using custom device handlers for your locks. Only device handlers published by SmartThings will work with Smart Locks.


I’m using Smart Locks on a secondary location and it’s working great. :astonished:
For Basic users this is a great feature, but they still need to learn how to use the “Marketplace” :blush:

Does this smart app have a function to disarm the system when a code is used? Also to arm the system once leaving. I use Lock Manager and I have full functionality that you could expect for a smart hub.

@Brad_ST - Thanks. Just to confirm, if I were to remove any custom device handlers then the built in smartapp functionality would work?

If so - I look forward to when the additional functionality (such as time based keys, etc.) is added to the stock app. Until then, @RBoy for the win!

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At this point, you would need to use WebCoRE to add that functionality.

I confirmed another suspicion on SmartLocks today through an intentional swipe on my phone. The SmartLocks UI on iOS looks a bit off from the rest of the app. Turns out it is likely just a big htmlTile or similar construct.

It’s an interesting model. I wish ST would allow us to write dashboard apps with a decent UI.

So Jumping in Late, but I have a followup question, hopefully I can attract the attention of @Brad_ST.

I was using the community LockManager. I Really want local processing, and I had a few hours, so I switched to the native SmartLocks.

I can’t seem to duplicate a functionality, and hopefully I’m just missing where it’s located.

How do I make the lock trigger “I’m Home” routine when it’s unlocked? I was utilizing this functionality to switch SmartHome Monitor to disarmed.

Or does SmartLocks do that automatically? The switching routine is still somewhat central to my setup, since I have a few lighting routines that don’t trigger when I’m in “Away”, and a few that do.