Screw in lamp module HA05 by intermatic

Has anyone tried to add an Intermatic HA05 zwave light module? My hub is just not seeing it and I have rebooted and looked for documentation but so far, not so good. Any help is much appreciated

I have 9 intermatic outlets installed. I had to cycle them on/off/on after the hub was in discovery mode. Plus a few of the outlets required me to move the hub closer to the outlet. I’m not sure what the magic trick is but I also force closed the IOS app and relaunched it for difficult outlets.
Once they were found they work perfectly with the hub in it’s original location.

I know @Gray has a few of them. With those older intermatic devices I’ve found you have to have the hub very close to them to pair, then they work fine. My Intermatic electrical outlet is probably my most reliable device.

Yeah, I have two of them. I had to put them in a lamp right next to the hub to get them to pair–pretty sure I also had to cycle them a couple of times. But then I moved them to the basement and they’ve been working great (hooked up to turn on with motion detected by a sensor).

The distance was the trick! Thanks a lot everyone.

Intermatic says in their manual that the bulbs can not be installed upside down i.e. base on top for these modules. I guess heat from bulb rises up. How is your installation and do you notice any heat issue to intermatic base ?

Interesting note about upside down modules, @coolcatiger. I have some installed this way - fire hazard? Yikes.

One other thing to note on the z-wave pairing of devices like this (that extend the mesh network) - they may actually pair to a device other than the hub - like another module. It is best to pair them in an outward line from the hub. So the closest one first and then second and so on until you reach the farthest one.

@Ben_Edwards - interesting note on the z-wave pairing. So my question then - do the GE light switches extend the mesh network as well? So if I’m pairing a new device that will be much closer to say the light switch - should I pair it next to the switch? Or should I pair it next to the hub?

Or that not really matter as the mesh will adjust when I put the item it in its final place?

I have paired 21 things in my house so far. I’m not sure all the different brands/things pair the same. I have all GE (Lowe’s Iris) switches and Intermatic outlets. The GE switches seemed to use the mesh network to pair new devices. So I never had to move the hub as I installed switches. But the Intermatic outlets needed to be close to the hub for the initial pairing.

So I’m wondering if the Intermatic outlets actual use the mesh during pairing. After pairing I could move the hub back to my basement and all the devices work great. I even have 4 exterior Intermatic outlets now for Christmas lights. But to get those to pair (10 ft from a GE switch) I had to bring the hub within 25 ft?

Just my theory…

Which Intermatic switches do you have? Any chance you got one of these to work?

Yeah - I understand the Intermatic use the low-power pairing - so those do need to be close.

I was curious I guess about new devices that I add that need to be close to the hub… rather than be close to the hub - could they instead be close to one of the GE switches that I have?

@eschuld No I do not have any of those wall switches. But here are the intermatic wall plugs I have that require the hub (not a GE switch) to be close for the initial pairing:


Yep, that’s the outlet I have too. Works great…but I had to hook a 50 foot Cat 5 cable up to the hub to get it close enough to pair haha.

any one used Intermatic wall dimmer switch ? It’s not compatible with led or cfl but has any one tried it ? I am curious to know how much noise it makes and heat it generates

No, but I’m interested because you can get a 6 pack for 100 bucks. They are based on old zwave firmware (like the aboe devices) but should work.

I have the wall dimmer one I linked above - it’s the CA600 - and I have not been able to get it to work. I haven’t tried much since I got my new hub - mainly cause I had 18 other things to get paired that were a higher priority to me that night… but I plan to give it another try here. (I just haven’t gotten back to it.)

It may not ever work as it is the old zwave standard… but it might!

But - there is no sound to it - some heat yes… but I’ve never heard any noise from any of the zwave devices I have installed.

Interesting. My GE dimmers buz pretty good…some even while turned off.

Ahhh - that’s the 1 thing I don’t have. I have the GE 3-way setups - but no GE dimmers.

Another question actually - (I know I can search too) - but did your GE Dimmer require a Neutral wire to work?

Most of my outlets do not have a neutral wire… unfortunately…

No, actually they don’t even have hookups for neutral…which is a shame.


I thought they needed a neutral - which is why I got the Intermatic CA600… which I can’t get working. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope. Pick one up from lowes that is rebranded as an “iris” device. It is the same unit and is typically cheaper than Amazon. Check it first though. They actually sold my a dimmer that was in the packaging for an On/Off.