INTERMATIC HA07C with HA20C Switches Smartthings Hub Integration


I have an older Intermatic Home Settings setup with three HA20C switches and one HA07 Master Remote. Is there a way I can get my older setup functioning through the Smartthings Hub and App? No looking to drop another $120 on new switches just to get timed lights. TIA.

That’s HA20 is a ZWave wall switch, I’d be super surprised if it doesn’t doesn’t pair with ST as a generic ZWave switch… The HA07C scene controller though might be problematic if someone hasn’t written a device handler. It may pair but you probably won’t see buttons etc. Unless someone has written something

Any guidance on how I would add as a generic Zwave switch? Doesnt look like I can do that through the latest app. I added a generic ZWave dimmer switch through the IDE but not sure how to go about trying to connect it.

I’ve also found some treads with instructions on how to add known devices to the HA07 but thats not really what I am looking to do. Just looking to put my 3 existing Zwave switches on a timer through ST.

Alright, I got the switches paired with the Hub through the app. I had to run the exclusion process first on each switch. Then during the pairing mode, hit the switch to “on” and it recognized as Z-wave dimmer… Pretty cool!

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Excellent. Well now that you’ve got that done then just use SmartLighting for the timers and you rock and roll

SmartLight seems to have a bug when using +/- time after Sunset or Sunrise. I get an error about communicating with the server. If I remove the +/- time, then it saves correct. I just went ahead and used the custom setup and it seems to work.