Schwaiger zhs12


I was about to ask for help for a device and just as I was about to write my complaint I half-accidentally managed to solve my problem myself. Sharing my success with others so maybe somebody can benefit from that.

Backstory. I am operating in EU Zwave realm. Used to have PC-based setup with USB Aeon Stick. Bought UK ST V2 and started migrating things. I have managed to migrate about all my devices, some with community-based handlers and smartapps (dual relays!!). I had only three things left I couldn’t figure out fully and one of them was very annoying as I had no workaround for this specific device.


outdoor Zwave switch SCHWAIGER ZHS12.

I use it for driving my LED lighting outside. One of the few true outdoor Zwave switches I have found in EU. Worked like a charm with old setup. Could not figure out how to make it work with ST, week of frustration. Can connect, can disconnect, can’t switch at all. Always shown as ON.

After some tinkering I finally found out the device type you need.

This switch is detected by ST as Z-Wave Metering Switch. No good. Nor is Z-Wave Switch nor Z-Wave Switch Generic nor Z-Wave Relay.

Use Z-Wave Switch Secure as a device type and it works like a charm!

Still to go - how to make NodOn Softremote to work and how to make Zipato multisensor to report motion off and detect contact open and motion separately. I somehow managed to achieve this last goal with my previous setup but I will be damned before I figure out how.

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