Monoprice Z-Wave Switch

I have a Monoprice Z-Wave Switch that I’m trying to get to work with ST.
It is wired properly behind a regular switch, since it worked well with HomeSeer and an old HA07. ST has detected it as a Z-Wave Switch, and it does respond to commands… somewhat…

When I turn the switch On manually (top part of paddle on switch), and the light is on, ST sees it as being off. The button on ST is white and doesn’t turn the light on/off. I touch it, it goes green, then it goes back to white.

Now, if I turn the switch off manually (bottom part of the paddle on switch), the light stays on, ST sees it as being on. The button on ST is green and doesn’t turn the light on/off. I touch it, it goes white, stays white. I touch it again, it goes green and stays green. But no effect on the light.

Here is the magic… Now, if I turn the switch on manually (top part of paddle on switch), light is still on, ST sees it as being off. The button on ST is white and it DOES turn the light off! Subsequent touches of the button have no effect. I touch it, it goes green, then it goes back to white.

Flipping the switch manually off turns the button green, but I can’t use ST to turn the light on ever when the switch is in the down position. When I flip the switch on (up part of the paddle), now I can turn the lights back on with ST.

So… ST never works when the switch is in the off position. However, if I cycle the switch off, then on, then I get a one time chance to either turn the lights on/off with ST. Then I need to cycle the switch again to be able to get ST button to respond again.

Please help! I just bought my ST, and I love the idea of it! I’ve already started messing around with custom device types, but have had no luck so far. Any ideas?

This is the link to the Monoprice switch manual:

Here is the Raw Description that ST sees: 0 0 0x1001 0 0 0 6 0x25 0x27 0x70 0x72 0x86 0x85

I’ll put something together for you tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Well, I just feel completely silly! This device turns out to be just a regular Z-Wave Switch that’s completely supported by ST.

After 3 days of trying to create a custom device type, I’ve realized that I’ve been going at this the wrong way. For anyone who has this switch, here is what you need to do:

  1. Install your switch as per the installation guide. Leave the module visible for now so you can get to the program button.
  2. If the red light is not flashing on the module, then you have 2 options:
    a) Remove the device from the Z-Wave network by following this guide:
    b) Hold the programming button on the device, and turn the light switch On. This will do a factory reset.
  3. In your mobile ST app, click the big + sign, and select Connect New Device
  4. Make sure the light is off.
  5. Press the program button on the module 4 times quickly. Keep doing this until the red light stops blinking and/or ST finds the module
  6. Go through the ST wizard to add the device
  7. IMPORTANT STEP: Press and hold the program button on the module until you see one red blink on the module. If it blinks twice, then repeat holding the program button

That should do it! Now, you can control the light with either ST or manually with the light switch. The module reports its status back to ST properly. No issues whether you switch the light on manually or with ST.


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Thanks for the offer tslagle13! I think I got 'er figured out.

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Let me know if you need some help or anything.

I did follow the instructions in the manual to program it as a single switch with no indicator but I’m just not getting the status reported back. Controlling works fine (which did not work until I programmed it correctly).

I also bought the Z-wave switch from monoprice and I have some problems with it, when i connect it to a light bulb the light start blinking and going crazy on and off.

Can somebody show me a picture of the wiring that he made, cause i believe my problem may be on the wiring.


p.s: sorry for my bad english.

First, I would make sure you have the proper wiring in place… You’ll need a digital multi meter.
In the electrical box, you should have 3 wires coming in: ground (copper), hot (black), neutral (white).
You should also have 3 wires going to the light bulb: ground, black, white

  1. Kill the power
  2. Disconnect everything from all the wires, and separate them so none of them are touching each other or the box.
  3. Do this very carefully!.. Turn power back on, so you can test the wires.
  4. The wire coming in should have 120 VAC between ground and black. It should also have 120 VAC between white and black. No voltage should be shown between ground and white.
  5. Test the wire going to the bulb. There should be no voltage on any of them. So, no voltage between ground and black. No voltage between black and white. No voltage between ground and white.

Once you have this all sorted out, then you can move forward with connecting the Z-Wave switch…

  1. Kill the power
  2. Connect green wire from Z-Wave switch to wall switch
  3. Connect a short piece of black wire to the other side of switch
  4. Connect the black wire from switch, black wire coming in, black wire from Z-Wave
    switch, and blue wire from Z-Wave switch.
  5. Connect red wire from Z-Wave switch to the black wire of the bulb
  6. Connect white wire from Z-Wave switch, white wire from bulb, and white wire from coming in together

That should do it. Keep in mind, that this is the typical wiring that you’re hoping for. There are different ways that electricians can wire lights and switches. If you’re not comfortable, then you’ll need an electrician to sort this out for you.

Hey I just ordered the monoprice in wall on off module. Will this work automagically or have you seen a device type out there for it?

The setup is automatic, you don’t need any custom device type, unless you bought the 2 way relay.

Good luck.

BTW: you need a neutral wire in your connection, otherwise you have to mod your electric installation.

Really appreciate everyone’s installation tips! Was wondering if anyone was able to get this successfully working with a 3-way switch setup? I tried wiring this into an existing 3-way setup. I can control the lights within the SmartThings app, the lights on/off status work, etc as long as I don’t touch the physical switches itself. As soon as I use the physical switch, the app looses control and I need to manually reset the Z-Wave switch. :frowning:

You need to follow the instructions for programming it. The silly button on the unit. You can send those parameters through SmartThings if you write your own device code. I did for my regular monoprice z-wave relay. I think this is your problem. Here’s my device code. You might have to change the “config” parameter to another code. Instructions should say.

If this works for programming the parameters but not a great device type, just switch it back to the default device type and your configuration should persist.

Does nobody have info about be 3-way option with these single relay switches… It’s dumb that the instructions say it works and even offers a wiring diagram and NOBODY has tried it or has info on it?

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Thanks for this great instructional. I have the device added to ST, but the only way I can control the lights are manually with the wall switch. ST shows a status and changes the status from off to on , but doesnt turn on/off the actual light. Ive tried this with the physical switch in on and off positions. Any suggestions?

Anyone looking at this I removed my GitHub content for a personal reason. If you need anything PM me.