Schlage Z-Wave connect lock - put new batteries now unit won't respond?

I know this isn’t a SmartThings related issue but was hoping owners of this lock could help.

I got a low battery indicator on the lock. So I added brand new batteries. After adding the new batteries the lock doent respond to any keypad touches or the enroll button.

I’m definitely missing a step but a asked a neighbour with the same lock and they said they don’t do anything after adding batteries.

I even swapped a completely different set of batteries and no luck. I checked the battery orientation, made sure it was in properly and all.

I even tried the factory restore instructions but it doesn’t work if there is “no power”.

Anyone have any advice?

Is it possible that you severed one of the relatively fragile leads from the battery pack to the circuit board? I would see if you can remove the large cover and do a visual inspection…worth a try!

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Thanks for the reply, I took the entire thing apart inspecting it carefully. Gave up…then reattached the battery pack, and saw the Schlage button light up.

The battery connection is not secure and I had to press down hard for it to power up.

Poor design in my opinion. I think I’m going to call Schlage and see if I can replace under warranty because the slightest door slam could loosen the connection.

FYI, I first disconnect the 9 v battery type connector before removing the battery pack and don’t reconnect till it is put back in its slot.

Oh yeah I did that too. It’s strange that the connector isn’t fully connecting.

Inspect the connections on both the wire lead from lock and the battery terminals to see if something is bent incorrectly. This is an issue with 9Vs in general that I have dealt with for many many devices that use them. A pair of needle nose pliers can quickly fix the issue. If loose you can carefully crimp the terminal to tighten it.