Schlage connect batteries die overnight

I have a Schlage Connect BE469ZP CAM 619 Z-Wave Plus Smartlock which has been working great since October. I recently purchased a new front door, and had the lock installed on the door by the installers. Since then it has gone through 3 sets of fresh batteries. They last one day and are dead the next morning.

To try to determine what is causing the drain I have gone through the below troubleshooting steps, but the batteries still die overnight.

Day 1: Batteries dead. Install new batteries.

Day 2: Batteries dead. Install new batteries. Exclude lock from Smartthings. Reset lock to factory default settings. Add lock back to Smarthings Z-Wave Network

Day 3: Batteries dead. Install new batteries. Exclude lock from Smarthings. Check fitment of lock bolt into door jam. Applied lipstick to bolt edges and face. Confirmed lock bolt does not rub in door frame. Did NOT reconnect to Smartthings.

Day 4: batteries dead.

I have reviewed the historical logs for the device in the IDE, and the live log to ensure no recurring commands were being sent by the hub that could be causing the drain. I would never see any commands/action between using the lock the prior night, then in the morning a statement that the battery was 0% and too low to operate.

I don’t think it’s Smarthings causing the issue, but I am at a loss as to what it could be. The fitment into the door jam and door looks fine. I wanted to check in here to see if anyone had run into this issue. I have also emailed Schlage customer support.

Appreciate any help you have.

Tagging @rboy the lock expert :slight_smile:

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I had a kwikset that did that. I was never able to recover from that issue. I believe it was the radio inside that was causing it on mine. I never replaced that part though. Maybe that could be your issue?

I hope that’s not the case. Worse case scenario it looks like there is a 3 year warranty. If I have to go that route I will try.

Unfortunately that sounds like a bad module or electronics. Even if you communicated on the lock continuously it’ll take weeks to drain the battery on a good module.

You may want to contact Schlage to request a replacement since they don’t have separate modules.

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Darn, well, looks like I’ll go the warranty claim route.

Thanks for the help.

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Were you present when the door was installed? Perhaps they dropped the lock.

I was present but did not watch them the whole time. Took them about 2.5 hours all in for the install.

I called Schlage and they are sending me a new one. Was a pretty straightforward process to file the claim. I suspect this is not a rare problem based on how easy it was to do.