Schlage Lock doesn't power up

Sorta. SmartThings was reporting my lock battery was 1%. I changed the batteries in the lock like I’ve done a few times before…

After I replaced the batteries the keypad no longer works or even lights up. The lock still reports 1% in ST. But oddly the lock status still works and is accurate in ST. If I lock it ST reports it’s locked and vice versa.

I have the Schlage BE369NX lock and using the universal z-wave lock device handler v2.9.0 - I believe this is by @RBoy. I’ve tried changing the DH but that didn’t seem to help.

Anyone have any ideas? Is this a software or hardware issue?

I would recommend calling Schlage support. I have read that they provide excellent support. I would also check to make sure that the keypad cable is hooked up tightly to the back of the door. I know it is connected in the same area as the battery and maybe it came loose.


You sure you didn’t enable vacation mode on the lock which disables the keypad

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Thanks guys, was hoping it was vacation mode but the keypad doesn’t light up or respond in anyway even when I plug in the programming code. Doesn’t look like the wires got loose in any way either. I’m reaching out to Schlage support.

Frustrating that changing the batteries would brick this thing.

For those following at home, I took the lock apart, put it back together and bam! Fixed. I’m guessing @ritchierich was correct. The keypad cable was loose.


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Open the lock, the connection to the motherboard might be loose.