Schlage z-wave compatible with system?

Schlage z-wave deadbolt - can it be added to an existing (Brinks) home security system?

This forum is for people who are using the Samsung smartthings home automation platform.

It’s a very active forum, so it tends to come up near the top in general home automation Google searches, but it is specific to the Samsung platform so all of the answers you get will be in that context.

In this particular case, do you already have a smartthings hub with the Z wave lock and you are asking if you could add to that?

Or did you not know this was a Samsung specific forum, and you’re just asking a general question and you don’t have a smartthings hub?

If you don’t have a Samsung smartthings hub, then you should probably look for a different forum so you can get a more helpful answer.

Or just ask customer support. :sunglasses:

Also, just as a general rule which you will see mentioned many times in this forum: the first rule of home automation is that the model number matters. Schlage makes many different locks, and they aren’t all interchangeable. So you will probably get quicker answers at those other sites if you pick a specific lock model number to ask about. It’s just the state of the home automation industry right now.

Good luck! :sunglasses:

Thanks - sorry to trouble you :frowning:

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No problem, it happens all the time. This is a very busy forum, so it gets a high google score.

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