Unable to pair Schlage lock with Wi-Fi

Hi I am unable to add my initial Schlage lock with my WiFi. The lock works fine with SmartThings and I was able to connect the Schlage WiFi to my home WiFi. But, alas, I am unable to add a lock to my Schlage Sense. Tried existing on line sites. Been on hold for 40 minutes with Schlage. Help!

huh? which model lock do you have? I believe there a two types of Schlage models: z-wave and bluetooth. The z-wave model connects to hubs like SmartThings. The bluetooth model connects to your phone and their wifi bridge. You can’t swap them. The z-wave model won’t work with the wifi bridge.

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Schlage has two different model lines.

The Schlage Connect with a zwave module will work with SmartThings, but will not work with the Schlage WiFi Bridge.

The Schlage Sense will work with Apple HomeKit and with the Schlage WiFi Bridge, but will not work with SmartThings.

So if you have it working with SmartThings, it’s not going to work with WiFi.

Check the model number on the lock itself, not just the box.



Thank you so much! I just spent 8 hours trying to get my Z wave Schlage lock to connect to Schlage Sense WiFi.

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What were you hoping to accomplish? Maybe we can help you accomplish that with SmartThings


Newbie here. I want to be able to assign entry passcodes to family, housekeeper, etc and to control their access via time windows. Also monitor comings arrival/departure. I have SmartThings and a Schlage Z wave lock. Love it. Thanks. Still trying to learn at the age of 73.

You’ll be able to do all of that through SmartThings without the need for Schlage Sense.

Once you’ve paired your schlage z-wave lock with SmartThings you can lock/unlock remotely. You can also install SmartLocks from the marketplace to create and delete users remotely.

If you’re looking for utilizing the locks advanced features (auto locks, built in alarms, vacation mode etc), check out this custom device handler.

Similarly if you’re looking to create schedules for your users (weekly, one time, expiration) or have dynamic users (based on modes, user presence) etc, you may want to check out this User Management SmartApp:

Both the above need access to RBoy Apps


I’ve set up my SMT home monitoring to disarm when my phone gets close to home. Unfortunately it only works sometimes so often I’ll set off the alarm by opening the front door. I have a Schlage sense lock installed but it won’t connect with my STM hub (gen 3).
Any ideas on a work around?

Just after the install itunes on windows 7 it was not opening at all and later the application literally stopped working at all. Please help me to fix the problem so that I can work with it again.