Schlage Sense lock integration

Good morning family! I was wondering if anybody has being able to integrate the Schlage Sense lock with SMT! I want to be able to see or get alert when the batteries need to be change.


That model is a bluetooth/HomeKit lock. It is unfortunately not compatible with SmartThings. There is a bluetooth radio in the V2 hub, but it has never been turned on and there is no way for a customer to do so. :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks JD. I hope SMT can turn that on. For me It make sense for them to do that before the feature was incorporated in the making of V2.

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Many people think the v2 hub was rushed into production around the time Samsung acquired SmartThings, even if it wasn’t actually finished.

I think so too…; hopefully they can allow consumers to benefit all the features. They’ve already make the money in my opinion, so I think they should get that open.

They just announced a WiFi adapter for Schlage sense.

This might make SmartThings integration possible.

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How about the Connect model? Do both Schlage Sense and Connect integrate with ST?

The connect model uses Z wave or zigbee and works directly with smartthings. It is on the official compatibility list.

The sense model uses Bluetooth and works only with HomeKit. It will not work with smartthings.

I’ve used two of these Schalge WiFi adapters on two different Schlage Sense locks and neither of them work. It just refuses to pair. I tried two different iPhones with latest iOS 11. No dice.

This is not a good enough reason for the lack of integration. SmartThings connects to many other devices through the cloud. Why can’t it do the same with this lock? For example, it can get an oAuth token and use a HTTP API to control it. Lack of Bluetooth has nothing to do with it since the lock can use a WiFi adapter/iDevice to get online via HomeKit There must be some other reason.

There is a HomeKit bridge that allows all SmartThings devices to be controlled by HomeKit.
Is there the opposite bridge that allows all HomeKit devices to be controlled by SmartThings? A SmartThings bridge?