Schlage RS100HC Door/Window Sensor won't connect

I have 4 Schlage Door/Window Sensors that won’t connect. They are all new. I was 2 ft from the hub when I removed the plastic tag from the battery from the first one. Waited 10 minutes without the hub finding the device. Put that one to the side and started on another one. Same results or lack thereof. I tried all the sensors without being able to pair a single one to the hub.
i removed the batteries from all 4. Waited more than 1 minute. Killed my app (on iOS 7). Restarted the app. Put the battery back in the first one. Nothing. Waited 5 minutes. Put the battery back in another. Nothing.
Is there a known issue with these? I’ve looked through the forum and haven’t seen any problems with connecting to the hub.
Help please!

So I had the same problem when I had two Schalge sensors waiting to pair. My suggestion is to take out the batteries from all of them, put the Smartthings app into search mode, wait 10 seconds, and then pop the battery into the first sensor. Note that once you do add it, you have to go to, login, and change the device type from Aeon to Schalge; otherwise, it’ll never send accurate data.

Thank you for the tip, but I’ve tried it already. Since none would connect, I’ve left the batteries out. I put the hub in discovery mode and waited over 10 seconds to add the battery to one of the sensors. Nothing happens. Did the same for all 4 sensors. Nothing.
Decided to test another Thing. Tried to remove my Siren from the hub. No luck. Could send the Siren commands and it would respond, but couldn’t exclude it from the network. Beyond my wits end, I decided to unplug the hub and start over. THAT DID THE TRICK!!!. Was able to exclude my Siren then re-pair it to the hub. Went on to connect 3 of my 4 Schlage sensors. Had to unpkug the hub again to get the 4th sensor paired! Finally!!! Thanks again for the help!

Interesting, this is good information in the future. Thanks!

I’m stumped by a RS100HC I picked up. I cannot get it to pair with the hub. I’ve pull the battery out for several minutes, I’ve had the hub looking for new devices before installing the battery, and tried the unplugging the hub like the previous guy did with no luck. Any other tips to try?

The light stays red for approximately 15 seconds after putting the battery back in before turning off.

Hi, I am having the same problem, but finally go the sensor to connect, but now it registers OPEN all the time. It will not register closed with the magnet or with the terminal connections closed. Any Ideas?

Make sure the cover is on. It won’t work unless it is.

You have to Exclude device first, then add it. I had to try it 4-5 times but eventually got it to work. BTW, cover can be off for excluding and including. Good Luck!