EcoLink Door/Window sensor won't pair

I have the EcoLink Door/Window sensor and I’ve been trying to pair it with the hub. I’ve taken the battery out and put it back in multiple times but the LED light on the sensor stays on indefinitely. I’m within a foot or two of the hub so I know it’s plenty close.

Are there any suggestions on what may be going wrong?

Did you get this used? Or did you try to pair it, then have to delete it from SmartThings?

It’s possible that (especially if either of the above are true) that the device still thinks it’s paired to a controller. Check your manual for instructions on what to do on the device to ‘unpair’ then set your Hub into Z-wave exclude mode. Perform the functions in your manual to unpair.

After this is done, try to re-pair with SmartThings. See if that helps.

Thanks. It’s a new sensor (or at least it should be) and I ended up taking the battery out for a couple of minutes instead of 5 seconds per the instructions. And everything is good now.

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Here is the procedure that worked for me. Good Luck

Resetting Instructions - October 2020

  1. Remove the Battery.
  2. Delete the Sensor in the App.
  3. You may have to wait in the exclusion mode for a while then force delete.
  4. While the Battery is removed
  5. Go to Devices
  6. Go to Your Hub select three dots upper right.
  7. Select Z-Wave Utilities
  8. Place Application in Z-Wave Exclusion Mode
  9. Replace Battery
  10. Sensor LED will be Blinking
  11. Go to Your AP & add EcoLink Sensor
  12. When The App is searching for the device remove The battery and count to 5.
  13. Replace battery… wait for App to find sensor
  14. Success. Should Work.

If your still having problems try power cycling the hub and try again.

Again Good Luck