Schlage rs100hc contact sensor problem

(Acastal) #1

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I have several of these sensors and for the last few months I have been getting false Open messages. I replaced all of the batteries last week thinking maybe the 100% battery I saw on the sensors was not getting properly updated but am once again having the same issue on 3 of them (so far in less than a week). I have lights turn on and was even looking at installing a siren to sound if the doors open during Night mode. This will obviously not work if they report open randomly. Has anyone else seen this issue and/or have any suggestions? I have also run multiple z-wave repairs but this has not resolved the issue.

(Allan Cardinal) #2

am having same issues with the smart things contact sensors


Z-wave repairs only work for devices that are AC powered, not battery powered devices. Ironically, I too have a couple of my Ecolink sensors (same as Schlage but cheaper) report a false open. I wonder if the reed switch in these things are too sensitive and trip on their own due to temperature or other conditions?