Contact sensors reporting false open status

(ilker Aktuna) #1


I have 3 contact sensors at home. they all started to report false open state recently.
I checked their batteries and all 3 show 89% on the app.
is this a battery issue or is it a problem ?
should I change the batteries at this level ?
They are a little away from the magnet part. Could that be the problem ? (please see an example in the photo)

(Rich L) #2

The photo didn’t attach properly, which model sensor are you using? I recently installed 3 contact sensors as well one of them would report as being opened so i realigned the sensor and magnet to be more parallel to each other and fixed the problem.

(ilker Aktuna) #3

this is the Samsung’s smartthings contact sensor.
can’t you see the photo ?
the alignment and distance between, are they ok ?

(Rich L) #4

no sorry i still don’t see a photo but for the type it can’t be more then 10mm apart.

(ilker Aktuna) #5

can you check this url:

(Rich L) #6

no image found even with the external posting :frowning: