Schlage Lock Suddenly Stopped Communicating with Smart Hub?

Hello Community!
Firtly, I am a (very) happy Smart Things user. I have had no problems with it – like literally zero – until yesterday afternoon.

I have a Schlage Front Door lock that has been happily connected to Smart Things Hub for 8 months. Then, late yesterday afternoon, it stopped sending notifications to my phone with its status after 521pm PST. Also, at the same time, it stopped sending updates to Activity Feed. Also… the status on ‘Dashboard’ is wrong: It shows ‘Unlocked’ when I watched it – and checked – it was locked. (which is how i have it set up: to auto lock…)

The phone then, once I left home, told me it was ‘Locking Front Door after my iPhone left home’… which it didn’t need to do because I had literally watched and checked that the deadbolt had moved across.

I have other quite a few other Motion Detector and Smart Light switches connected to the Smart Things hub. No issue with any of them.

To deal with the obvious question, did I do anything to Schlage Front door lock to make it stop? No… I did not. Just the usual opening and closing…

I have tried the following without success;

  1. Powered down Hub (pulled power cord out).
  2. Force ‘killed’ the App on my phone…

Thoughts? Dead battery? I show ‘86%’ when I got into the preferences (Is that accurate?)Was there a firmware update?

Any and all clues help

Many thanks!

Are you sure the problem is isolated to the lock? Half of my devices stopped sending status updates to ST. When turning a light switch manually, ST still shows it’s off.

No… Just the lock… Everything else in the App’s ‘Dashboard’ works as advertized…

Hi and welcome!

I have a few questions that will help me probably ask more questions smile

  1. How far is the lock from the hub and/or another Z-Wave repeating device like a outlet or switch?
  2. Has anything new been added to your network that could disrupt this connection? Z-Wave operates on a different frequency than most other stuff like ZigBee and WiFi but i am just looking for environmental variables.
  3. Have you tried re-pairing the device? Restarting your Hub?

I have had this same problem. Did you ever find out what was wrong? I have tried:

  • unpairing and repairing the lock
  • resetting the lock to factory settings and completely reprogramming from scratch
  • changing the batteries on the transmitter

Nothing has restored communication. If I bring the lock down to within feet of the hub, it seems to work. However, it was working happily before in its current position, and the hub’s current position.

Try this. Reboot the hub and do a z wave network repair.

Thank you for the suggestion. I tried it, and got a minor communication - the battery life updated. But it’s still not logging entrances or exits. Any other suggestions?

Can you tell me are these locks in use in the U.K. or the USA?

USA. And it was working fine for about 18 months before it suddenly started doing this. Other devices on the network are working fine. Thanks for any ideas!

You may have a defective Z-Wave module on your lock. Contact Schlage, they’re usually extremely helpful.