Schlage fe99 pairing and installing

I paired my Schlage fe99 to my smart things hub which has to be within 10 feet to complete. it works great after pairing but you have to disconnect the wire that connects the back of the lock to the front in order to install it in the door which is much more than 10 feet away from the hub. Once you disconnect the wire and reconnect it after installing on the door, it is no longer paired. Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

How far away is the door from the hub?

I think that’s a z-wave lock - it most likely just needs another z-wave device (or more depending on distance) to act as a z-wave repeater between the lock/door and the hub.

You are probably going to need to bring your hub close to the lock via a long Ethernet cable.

For normal operation having additional repeaters is probably a great idea but the pairing process is not repeated across the mesh network it takes place directly between the device and the hub.

Assuming this is the FE599 you’re talking about. There’s an issue with the current firmware (17.x) and FE599 lock. It is slated to be fixed in 18.x

Meanwhile try to do a Z-Wave Repair. How do you know it isnt’ paired? Does it disappear from the list of my devices?