Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt, Satin Nickel - 119


Great price.
I use 3 of these and have been very happy with the performance. Batteries last about a year.
The can be noisey of solid wood doors. Built in tamper alarm can be annoying for those who forget the door is locked and tries to open it. It will also alarm when someone knocks hard on the door. Alarm can be disabled.

Looks like already sold out. Not available direct from Amazon anymore.

Bright brass is still available for $124 S&S by Amazon. Brass are NEVER on sale

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Does anyone know if the BE468 is better than the BE469? I came to know that that the 468 is the newer model of the two and it does not have the built in alarm? Is the built in alarm option good to have ?

I found it more annoying than anything & disabled it. I guess it depends on how much you are worried about people trying to kick in your door, or shacking it to see if it’s locked before entering their code.

I disabled the alarm on all of mine. Not worried about anyone trying to get in when I’m home. 100 lbs of GSD is a great early warning system and deterrent

The 469 still has the alarm, but the keypad numbers are not visible until activated, they light up blue

Thanks @RLDreams and @tommyincville. I see in many reviews people have said they have disabled the alarm on the 469 models.

Another reviewer has pointed out the below point as the other difference between the two models.

469’s Has Blue back light and is only on when you hit the button. The 468’s key pad is always on.

Do you see any advantages & disadvantages of the above feature ? Do you think that the 468 would be a better choice than 469 if we dont need the alarm system on the lock?

Thanks in advance

If you don’t need the alarm feature then the 468 is great. Personally, the alarm is an awesome feature because it’s highly configurable. It has 3 modes of operation, alert where it beeps when the door is opened/closed, and 2 more modes where the alarm goes off in different intensities. Each mode has a 3 sensitivity levels so you can go can go from VERY sensitive, just touch the door and it’ll notify you to it’ll blare an alarm if someone’s trying to break in.

With the right SmartApp to control the alarm modes, it’s an awesome deterrent. E.g. when at Home, the lock is set to Alert mode, at Night when you’re sleeping the Lock is set to Tamper mode and when you’re away it’s set to Forced entry mode and ST can notify you about those tamper notifications (with the right device handler)

But like I said if you’re sure you don’t want those alarms then the 468 is a great choice.

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Thanks @RBoy for your reply. I understood your points on setting up the alarm with different modes of operation.

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