Schlage Camelot BE365 Amazon Deal of the Day

(David Montoya) #1

The Schlage Camelot BE365 is currently $69.00 in various finishes


Good to know!

What charity does your link support?


We should also note that the one that is on sale is the model that does not have Z wave because it is not networked at all. So it won’t work with SmartThings. You need the “Connect” models for that.

(Realy Living Dream) #4

That was the first thing I checked when I saw them as a DD this morning. I do have 2 of them on the basement doors, just so I can’t get locked out of the basement. Not every lock needs to be automated IMHO .

(David Montoya) #5

I’ve been supporting the National Center For Women And Information Technology for about 10 years now, and since the inception of the Amazon Smile Program.