Schlage BE469 lock $169 at Amazon


This isn’t a great price, but it’s a good one. The same lock is on sale today for about $20 more at Best Buy and Home Depot.

This is a good solid zwave touchscreen lock. It sometimes goes on sale for another 10 or $15 less, but if you need one now, this would be a good deal.

Note the pairing for this is fiddly. Make sure you read the community FAQ:

(Don) #2

I just bought one of these at Lowes last Thursday for the same price.

(Realy Living Dream) #3

The Lock and matching handle kits are back on sale today ( 13June) at Home Depot for $179

(Rex Talionis) #4

I have owned two of these locks (two different metals and finishes, but otherwise the same) and they are some rock solid locks.

(Mark) #5

Bright brass trim is never on sale!! WTF?

(Scott G) #6

These are only the homekit BT Smart ones and not the z-wave ones, unless i’m missing it somewhere. I’d buy a set right away but not interested in the bluetooth one


Good catch. :sunglasses:

Schlage “Connect” are usually zwave and Schlage “Sense” are HomeKit.

(Scott Alexander) #8

No love for the Yale’s eh? I have two and like em. $120-$150 depending on finish.


Both the Yale and the Schlage are good locks. I personally like the Yale a little better: they’re quieter and have a true capacitive touch screen. But they’re both good.

That’s a very good price on the Yale, but I don’t recognize the retailer.

(Scott Alexander) #10

Prime and Fullfilled by Amazon so should be fairly protected.


Protected eventually, yes, but often times these individual sellers are just people who pick up close-out boxes at Home Depot or someplace else and I don’t really know what they’re selling.

For example, I would note the following posted about that particular seller on a sale this month:

I ordered 7 of these deadbolts, 1 wireless module is missing and 3 others do not connect. Can you send 4 new Z-wave modules please? We have already had all 7 keyed. Thank you.

(Scott Alexander) #12

So long as I know Amazon will take care of me, I generally trust fulfilled by. If worried though can get the Bronze one directly from Amazon :). Of course for what its worth, I’ve got broken stuff from them too :slight_smile:

(Rex Talionis) #13

I don’t particularly like Yale locks because they have very little protection against picking or bumping.

This guy shows you how to pick a Yale lock with a paperclip in 15 seconds or less.

(Scott Alexander) #14

Mine are actually the YRD240s (no deadbolt) so not too worried about bumping, but good to point out. I admit I haven’t studied much on which is the least bump/pickable, all of them seem fairly possible if determined. That’s why I personally went with 240’s but couldn’t convince my dad to forsake the comfort of having a key :slight_smile:


That video is 4 years old.

Published on Nov 26, 2013

That issue was corrected the very next year.

Look for reviews by actual locksmiths. The Yale and Schlage locks are both fine. The Kwikset locks continue to have some vulnerability issues.


I have Schlage Connect locks. Security grade 1. I can pick them fairly easily. Most locks labeled residential are very easy to pick. 30-60 seconds on most I’ve tried… Scary. I wish they were plug locks like the ones on vending machines. Still somewhat easy to pick but it takes a while.

I’m still waiting on Instructables to come up with a DIY retina scanner.:sunglasses:

(Dana ) #17

Really glad we’re not neighbors. :wink:

And as my Grandfather always said, locks are for honest people.


No key and a battery failure… I’m your best friend.