Schlage Door Lock - can't get it to join? (Rebuilding with new hub after lightning strike)

I have a total of 6 Schlage door locks and one handset that are all zwave; three of the doors have successfully connected with no issues at all but when I got to two of the other doors, they appear older. They have a “join/exclude” button directly behind the back cover while the ones that successfully joined did not. When I try to join them, it finds them as “Zwave device” and wants me to input some sort of secure code (which doesn’t exist on these models.)

I’m able to exclude them with my little Aeon remote like I did with the others but I can’t get them to properly join my newer (Samsung WiFi mesh hub w/SmartThings) hub. I’ve managed to get quite a few of my other devices (bulbs/switches/sensors) going just fine but these two have stumped me (and I still have two more to go!)

I did a search and apparently there are others that have had this issue (guessing that my mesh wifi hubs are similar to the V3 hub?) but I didn’t see any resolution. I did try changing it from “zwave device” to “zwave lock” which is what the other successful locks are using as a device type, but to no avail that I can tell.

Seems like no sequence of button pushing will get me past this “secure join” thing, it shows up in the interface but again, it’s just a generic zwave device and doesn’t respond.

Any thoughts as to what I’m doing wrong or do these needs a different device type handler?

Interestingly enough, I found this page on Schlage’s website; according to this, my locks with the “enroll/un-enroll” buttons are zwave plus, while the ones that worked just fine are just plain zwave.

It will ask me to “securely join” and wants either a QR code (which there isn’t one on the lock) or a PIN code that’s 5 digits and doesn’t match anything shown on the lock.

The DSK for that lock is on the mounting plate or the manual. If you lost the manual, you have to remove it from the door to scan it to complete secure pairing.

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Well that solves one of them, I was able to get that code off of the kitchen lock, but the front door doesn’t have that sticker on the mounting plate and I can’t find the manual for it (but I do have the manual for most of the others.) Does Schlage have a list of the codes they program? (I would hope they do!?) The rest of my locks are are all older… it’s just the front one that’s a sticking point.

A DSK is specific to that lock. There is no generic code list.

Right, I just wasn’t sure if Schlage kept a database of the codes. Apparently at some point in time I replaced this particular lock but didn’t replace the backing plate and have no idea where the backing plate or the instructions went. (I did keep the others.)

Finally able to get the kitchen lock done, I just needed to try connecting to it as an actual Schlage z-wave plus lock and it came through. The front door I think is a lost cause, I think I tossed the matching backplate like a bonehead so I’ll have to replace it entirely.

If it’s the newer Z-Wave Plus type then you’ll have a QR code in the lock of the new easy pair button, if it’s the older Z-Wave module you’ll need to use the keypad to put it into pairing mode. It may need to be brought closer to the hub to complete pairing.

I had the previous model go bad on me a few years ago and when I swapped it out for the newer version, I didn’t put in the new faceplate (with the QR code.) I think I threw it away not realizing the importance, but I managed to find a “used, like new” one on Amazon that didn’t come with instructions, so I swapped it in and it works perfect!

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