Connecting Schlage Connect to Smartthings, DSK Code is required

I am trying to connect Schlage Connect (Z-Wave) Lock (model BE489ZP) to Smartthings (using new Android app). Following Smartthings instructions, I am asked at one point to enter 5 digits of DSK code. I have no idea what this is and can not find it on a sticker attached to the device (neither I can’t find a QR code).

Any advice ? Is there a way to bypass this requirement ?

Thx, Walter

Did you try the scan nearby option? You may need to exclude it first.

Usually it’s a QR code on the surface of the lock that gets mounted to the door (gotta remove inside half of the lock), under the battery cover and/or a sticker in the instruction manual.


It is presented as a QR code, with the last five digits printed underneath it.

If the hub requires a DSK code to add the lock, you can find it on the label on the support plate or in the Schlage Connect Quick Start Guide.

5 simple steps for better security with the Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt.


I have seen screen print that you have attached. Unfortunately, the back of my devices does not have a sticker as shown on the left side. Instead, I have sticker as shown under “Save this guide” on the right side (the one with the barcode not with square Q/W code). I see model#, Serial number, programming codes and to other numbers without a description).


Hmmm… Can you check the model number again? The Schlage Connect is model 469. Model 489 is the Schlage Encode, which as far as I know is a Wi-Fi lock, not a Z-Wave lock, so it wouldn’t have a DSK code at all. :thinking:

The outer cases look very similar, but the internals are different.


You are correct, it is BE469ZP. I found DSK code and now I have Schlage connected to Smartthings.
All, apologies for wasting your time.
Now I have to figure out why Smartthings allows me only to lock/unlock and not to manage user codes.

Thx, W

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Have you installed Smart Lock Guest Access in ST? If it is available in your region.

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Yes, I did it … all works fine. Thank you all.


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If you’ve lost the DSK code, you can also cancel it, it’ll join using the older S0 security which doesn’t’ really affect the operation, possibly a tad bit slower to respond.

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