Schlage Customer Service

Want to start this off by saying I’m not sure what other’s experiences have been but mine has been top notch.

So a couple weeks ago I started having problems with my Schlage Connect and the keypad. It would work sporadically, no lights, no indication whatsoever of key presses and then soon after nothing at all. The ST app stated the battery was at 98% and I could make it lock/unlock through the app. I decided to try and replace the batteries anyway and then I found the internals soaked in water. Apparently, the vent I have beside my front door is constantly blowing cold air on the interior and creating large amounts of condensation to form on the internals. As I was taking everything apart, water literally poured out onto the floor. I called Schlage and with very little questions told me they would be sending me out a replacement keypad. Forgot to mention, when I had them on my phone I told them I had another one in the basement that was not experiencing this issue. I also told them I was going to be adding another soon to the garage door as we really like their product.

Last night a package was delivered to the door just before 8pm. To my surprise there was no keypad but two complete locks brand new in the box. The only thing I can think is maybe she was thinking since I had another in the basement that it might experience the same problem and she was being proactive in sending out another unit…or because I mentioned that we liked their product and was thinking about adding another to the garage door?? Either way, Schlage gained a customer for life by either their proactive thinking or generosity!

Just wanted to share as I have never been treated so nicely by any company I have dealt with in the past and it has been quite a few.


I completely agree. Their support has been great. I’ve had at a minimum 4 locks replaced, probably more. Every time it is a brand new package including everything. They never asked for the old lock back either, which is nice because I don’t mind having the spare parts. That said, I will continue to purchase their products in the future!


What have been your issues with the 4 you had replaced?

All different, surprisingly.

I think 2 were draining batteries really fast, like within a few days. Another the zwave stopped working. The last one zwave stopped, keypad issues, and beeper didn’t make beep sound. Just random stuff like that.

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