Schlage Connect Z-Wave 469 lock/unlock not responding, GE 14294 dimmer

We have a Schlage Connect Z-wave deadbolt, model BE469ZP, purchased new about 8 months ago. Firmware version 0.10.8

A week ago, I purchased a Smartthings Hub (V3P) to lock and unlock the door from my phone. The hub is running firmware version 000.030.00003, Controller version 1.7.47-22.

I’m using the (new) Smartthings app on my Pixel 2XL, Android 10 (Build number QQ2A.200405.005).

While I am able to add the lock, and the lock status updates reliably when manually locking/unlocking, I am unable to lock/unlock from the Smartthings app.

Following advice in other threads, I’ve removed/added the lock a half dozen times to no avail. To do so, I’ve put the hub in exclusion mode and followed the Schlage process for removing the device (punch Schlage button on keypad, type in programming code and 0). Deleting works fine. I’ve added the lock with the hub anywhere from 2’ - 40’ away.

After adding the lock, or after power cycling the lock, I can lock/unlock through the App 2-4 times and after that, the lock is unresponsive.

Having read the FAQ article – FAQ: why would I need another beaming repeater if my zwave lock is already close to my hub? – today I installed a GE 14294 smart dimmer which is about 4’ from the door.

While the FAQ mentions the GE 14292 Toggle Switches I wasn’t able to find a 1st gen dimmer and opted for the newer model in hopes that it would work as a beaming repeater / buffer mentioned in the FAQ.

After setting up the dimmer, it works perfectly with the hub. However, the lock continues to be non-responsive. I attempted moving the hub to a different room. No luck. I tried exclusion remove/add on the lock again, and as before, it worked 3 or 4 times and then no longer. I tried remove/add again after putting the hub right next to the door. Same result.

Any ideas on what else I can try? I will try contacting Smartthings support and Schlage support, of course.

Before I did that I thought I would see if anyone had a “been there done that” experience like mine.

I’ve purchased an RBoy apps license in hopes that maybe the enhanced z-wave lock app will work better. Still waiting for an email from them with install instructions. I cannot seem to get the old Smartthings app to work on my phone so I can’t try that I guess. I could try one of the Monoprice smart plugs to act as a repeater, I suppose.

I’d like to think I’m fairly tech savvy after all these years in IT (unix system admin, infosec) and building and coding my own robots as a hobby. But this darned lock has me stumped :smiley:

Thanks in advance.

It could be couple of things, if you’re doing it too often/quickly I find that the mesh can slow down or the lock can limit the action. Also the lock has a built in safety mechanism which has a minimum time between accepting lock/unlock events (about 15 seconds or so).

You should also check if your lock is connected to your z-wave plus GE switch.

VERIFING REPEATERS : After doing a Z-Wave repair, verify that your lock is routing through your buffering device/repeater. To do this, open the IDE -> click on My Devices -> Click on your lock . Scroll down and look for Route . It should look something like this This Device ↔ Repeater device ↔ Hub . If it is connected directly to your hub, you may need to move the hub further away and do a Z-Wave repair again. If it’s routing through a device you don’t want it to go through, you may need to exclude that device, do a Z-Wave repair and then re-pair the unwanted routing device.

If all this is good, you may have a bad lock module. It’s rare but it happens.

Thanks for the info!

Looks like the lock is routing direct to the hub, despite the hub being about 30’ away now, and the lock being about 4’ away. I tried excluding the lock, repairing the zwave mesh, and adding the lock. Same deal.

I will try excluding the light and lock both, adding the light, then the lock.

Edit: the above didn’t work.

I wonder… does it matter that the GE dimmer doesn’t support S2 (or even S0) security?

I am having the same issue and have tried the same solutions as mentioned above. Has anyone come up with a resolution to this issue?

Check if your lock is pairing correctly with the hub and try these steps: