Lock unlocking for no reason?!

I have a Schlage Z-wave lever style lock and only come in and out of it using user codes. It’s a door used by multiple parties including our upstairs neighbors and dog walker/cat sitter. Everyone uses a different code. The door is supposed to lock after each code is used and it does whenever I am paying attention.

The thing is, I often come home or am leaving to find the door unlocked. I am nearly certain no one is manually pressing the unlock button inside. What else could be happening?

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What DH are you using? I have an issue where they don’t unlock because the DH thinks it is unlocked but it’s not and the same for the opposite situation. I don’t actually know what is causing it.

I am looking at my door right now. It’s locked but ST says it’s not.

Pressed refresh, wait a second, now ST says locked.

Can you walk down the hall and have one of your support staff look at your logs? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This began happening to me last November with a zwave lock. It occurred several times over a span of about five days while support was looking at it. Duncan also looked into it.

Unfortunately, we were never able to determine what was causing the door to unlock. It showed in the logs but it was never clear why it was happening. Eventually I moved the lock off of SmartThings as it was a safety issue.

Do you have any observations where the door was definitely manually locked and nobody unlocked it, yet it was unlocked anyway?

In other words… Is it more likely that it is failing to lock, rather than spontaneously un-locking?

Mine was a spontaneous unlock. It was really obvious because I spend most of my life in one of two rooms, one where the lock is and then the next one over. And my service dog is trained to go to the door when it unlocks. So he was running over to the door, there was no question that it was physically unlocking. :disappointed_relieved::dog:

Indeed, that was my biggest concern, that it might unlock on its own when I was asleep and he might run over to the door and let himself out.

Wait, what? Is this a joke? What is happening. I am super confused!!! Complaining is our job. You should be on the other side…


It was a head-scratcher for sure :slight_smile: It wasn’t April 1 so I ruled that out.

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I wonder what the logs are saying. Is there an event coming from the hub that is causing the door to unlock? Take a look at the “events” section for the lock and see if it got some sort of unlock event.



I have the same lock and it always locks after a few seconds. I know DH can make a difference, and the lock code reporting one refreshes pretty quick.

Can always add a secondary rule if door is closed send a lock command

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Good idea, but that won’t fix the problem where the lock unlocked itself without the door opening.


Good point, my bad… I deleted my post above. I was thinking of something else.

Are you using the auto lock feature of the lock, or a SmartApp or Routine to attempt to lock it after X seconds?

If its the later, why? the auto lock feature is built in, just flip a dip switch inside or dig up the old shlage DTH that can enable the autolock feature, depends on model of shlage.

If it is the later, its probably due to a z-wave timeout issue I’ve seen over and over with scheduled activities and Z-wave timeouts.


I do this and feel much better about it vs having the system lock for me. Never had the 30 second lock fail!

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I used the built in auto lock, and all that worked fine. But then ST randomly sent an unlock again. In my case, as I mentioned, my concern was that my dog would run over and open it as soon as it unlocked, since that’s exactly what he’s been trained to do. :dog:

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I have this lock and ran some tests. It always locks about 10 seconds after a key code entry. The only exception is if I hit the unlock button on the back. Then it never locks.

A secondary rule would eliminate that.

The lever lock is not as smart as the connect. There are many features missing. Can only have a 4 digit code, and can’t configure auto-lock.

Could be something went wrong with the server or program causing it fails. I remember there are news out there during April or May time.

In this case since it’s on a multiunit hallway it may also just be that one of the upstairs neighbors hits the unlock button as they go out and they don’t even realize it.

about six years ago we had a housemate who frequently locked the privacy button as he went out the front door, making it impossible for it to be unlocked with the key coming back in. He didn’t even know that he did it. It just had to do with how he held the knob as he was turning it. (He was also a football player in college and had really big hands.) Eventually came down to a choice between changing housemates or changing doorknobs and we got a new doorknob. :sunglasses::smirk::football:

I’ll try moving the lock off SmartThings if I have to. It seems weird, I don’t think the logs show the unlocking happenings. And to Terry’s point, maybe it is failing to lock instead of unlocking.


Is this your way to let us know you gave up your dream and joined the other side of the frontline? I wonder out loud, here :sunglasses: We sure are missing your support and enthusiasm around here