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Schlage Connect keypad not working


@SortofSmart Is your lock ser to auto lock enabled? I got the new replacement lock from Schlage yesterday and installed it. It worked fine with autolock enabled, but as soon as I disabled autolock the same issue happened after a few lock/unlocks… I then re-enabled auto lock and is working fine so far… wondering if everyone here is experiencing the same pattern.


It is not and I never had it enabled. How frequently was your keypad issue occurring at first? Mine was like once a week and then started happening every few days.

I never had autolock enabled, because sometimes the door is not closed properly and that would make a bad issue worse…


With the old lock its occuring once a week, then after a few weeks I called customer svc and they shipped me a new one. I just installed the new one yesterday so I am not sure how mileage will vary with autolock enabled…fingers crossed

(Brent Haag) #24

This is happening to my Schlage, now, too. The first time, I took the lock apart and reconnected the jumper wires from the keypad to the radio on the inside. That fixed it, but wasn’t sure if it was that or removing the batteries. This second time, I disconnected and reconnected the batteries and it started working again.

Looks like I might need to contact Schlage.


Just giving everyone an update, I got the replacement lock 4 month ago and it worked fine until today where the same issue happened. Going to contact Schlage to see if they have figured out what’s wrong with it.

(John) #26

Same issue here. Schlage connect. In service for about a month. Came home tonight and keyoad didn’t work. Luckly I had a key. going to try and disconnect and reconnect the battery.