Schlage Connect Deadbolt wont extend

Schlage Connect (be469NX) was installed about 1 1/2 years ago. Worked fine until yesterday. From within ST I can unlock it and even though the actual deadbolt is retracted (lock is unlocked) the ST App flashes a quick “Unlocked” icon then back to “Locked” I can not lock (extend the deadbolt) from within the ST App. In fact, even though the app reports the lock is locked (which it is not), pressing the “Locked” icon cause the locks motor the twirl. I opened up the casing to see what was happening and under all circumstances the motor rotates counter clockwise (which retracts the bolt if extended). Before we blame ST read on…

The deadbolt will not extend/lock when pressing outside Icon, the motor does not turn at all. Pressing outside Schlage Icon + User code causes motor to turn however, the same direction (counter clockwise) as if to open lock. It appears that the lock as well as the ST app thinks the deadbolt is extended.

I have done a complete factory reset (twice) and during the initial setup the bolt extends and extracts properly. The screen shows a checkmark indicating the reset was successful. After this I open the lock using the default code. Works each time. I press the outside Schlage Icon and I get nothing. I press the outside icon and the default user code, motor whirls but does not extend bolt.

The bolt can be manually locked from the inside by turning the knob or locked from the outside using a key. Both cases there appear nothing wrong with the mechanics.

I am pretty sure this isnt a ST issue but I do know many of you use this lock. Have any of you experienced this problem and found a solution??

I haven’t seen that problem, I have three and many of my friends have them (I work for Schlage). As long as you did a factory reset and it is Handing the deadbolt properly upon initial startup (which it sounds like it is), you are doing the initial startup with the lock on the door right? I’d return it, We have a three year warranty on that lock.

Wow. Really? I thought it was only a 1 year warranty. I bought it in Jan/2015 so I should be good (I hope). And…

Yes, I am doing the reset with the lock installed. If the bolt is retracted the reset starts by extending it it (correctly in my case) the retracting it. I see the green checkmark and I know it has reset as the user codes are now back to the defaults.

BTW: Do you have any suggestions on how to get a hold of support. Sent them 2 emails ( and not heard back. Not even confirmation my email was ever received :frowning:

Call this number: 888-805-9837

I’m actually on the commercial side of the business or I could give you a direct contact. If for any reason they don’t get this resolved, I am sure they will support is good about that, email me and I will send out a new lock to you. Here is my email:

Michael Voss

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Sounds like Schlage (Allegion in Canada) plans to replace my lock. Just waiting for confirmation but CS seemed to agree that my 1.5 year old lock mechanics/electronics are toast.

I had almost written it off as I thought it was only under a 1 year warranty. Thank you Michael for clearing that up and all your help.