Had to factory reset schlage lock. Need help integrating into ST again

So we recently moved to a new house with locks on the opposite side of the door. Needless to say I had to factory reset the lock. I’ve got it set back up and working but need to figure out what to do with ST.

ST still sees the lock and can control it but i had custom codes programmed through the smart lock app. How do i add them back? The app still shows them listed. Do I need to do anything?

Any body know how to get this working again?

I’m assuming the custom codes are the door codes, do the custom codes still work if you try to unlock it?

The custom codes are the codes to unlock. The custom codes do not work any more, though I still get notification on my phone when the door unlocks. While at work today I changed the custom codes and then changed them back to what I had them as. Do you think thats what needed to be done?

That kind of make sense. Whatever procedure the app uses to replace codes with new ones, I would dot that first.

So maybe having to delete the current codes and recreating them. Ill give that a try if my previous try didnt fix it. Thanks for your help man.

Doing this didn’t work. My codes are still not working. What do I need to do to get this working?

I could really use some help getting this working properly.