Schlage BE369NX unlock time-out

I’ve installed this non-motorized lock and am generally happy with its limited functionality (unrelated to ST).

However, I was wondering if anyone else has experience using this lock with ST. My problem is that, my presence tags detect my presence when I arrive in my driveway, and fires the unlock command at that point. I have to pass through a courtyard area before getting to the door where this lock is installed. The way this lock works is to only allow a short period after the unlock command is sent before it disengages the lock again (about 5 seconds, as an extra security mechanism).

So: long story short I do not generally have enough time to get from the driveway to the door before the unlock command fires and then times out on the lock.

Does anyone have experience with this lock, and know if its possible to increase the time-out on the unlock command (on the lock itself)? Say to give me 30 seconds instead of 5? Or some other elegant way to deal with this via ST? I’ve asked Schlage CS but in 5 days they haven’t answered.

The deadbolt positioning is not perfect (have to push on the door a bit), so I’d rather not go with the motorized type, as that’s going to require difficult adjustment. I can also think of some rather barbaric ways to deal with it, such as creating an app which fires a series of unlock commands for a set number of times, thereby “increasing” the time-out to about a minute or so, so I have time to get in. But that’s obviously… ugly. And would probably drain the batteries on the lock a lot faster.

I don’t have an answer for your question but am curious instead if your lock reports the correct Locked/Unlocked status for you. I have the same lock and it always reports “Unlocked” even though the Lock/Unlock functions are working. Thanks.

@navels you do realize you are replying to a post that is 5 years old? :slight_smile: why not create a new post instead of replying to multiple out-of-date threads.

Yes I do and I did. Trying to reach out to anyone with this model who might be able to help.