Schlage Camelot worked perfectly for almost 2 months now not

So, I’m currently working through this link.

I have no idea what I’m doing except following steps.

I went through the first part “How to…install app”
Went smoothly I think.

I went through the second part “How to add device handler”
Went ok …I think…after I google the github thing from erik as that link didn’t seem to work.
On step 4 it first says to paste in the same GITHUB code I copied above. seems odd because that was called an app, and this section is called a device handler. But the bullet under it said if it was a schlage lock to go to that other link,so I went to that other link, and it was a HUGE long piece of code, with paragraphs at the top talking about changing id lists and such. I changed NOTHING and copied that huge piece of code in as it said and saved and published. (I did NOT copy in the GITHUB thing.). Not sure if thats the problem or not.

On the third part, “Change the lock device handler” things went a little sideways.
When I went to my devices, there are NO devices setup. It brings me to a form wanting me to enter name, label, and zigbee ID, and all sort of stuff.

I don’t know what I’m supposed to do here, or why it thinks a device is there, and there isn’t. I dont see any extra instructions for when there isn’t a device handler to change.