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Schlage Camelot Pairing Issues

I found an older version of this for cheap on eBay:

Works great. CyberPower has a nice one too but still pricey:

Ok. Finally got thru to schlege and they are sending me another lock. (Thanks for suggesting calling them again and stating the smartthings app was the only reason i purchased this lock). Now, so i don’t have problems again, i do have a zwave ge plug right near the door, is there anything else i should do to make it work correct the first time?

I factory reset mine before attempting the first join as a matter of course… Other than that sounds like you are on a good track…


I’ll just agree with @nathancu’s suggestion.

I will reiterate, learn how to setup a strong mesh network. IMHO, one ge zwave plug does NOT create a strong mesh network.

I want to do this right, so to set up a strong mesh network what else do i need.? I have comcast internet and then 3 google wifi access points which show a strong mesh network, plus in my smartthings app i have 2 of those ge zwave plus plugs, numerous other devices like moisture sensor and lights along with amazon Alexa which sl have been working fine, not like the schlege Lock.

Your Internet service provider and your wifi have NOTHING to do with your zigbee and zwave mesh.

I would suggest this link as a start, take your time and digest the information. There’s a lot of information in these forums. Search, read and digest. The only reason I stress this is I overlooked this initially.

It is a long thread and addresses locks, aND devices you mentioned that DO NOT participate in your mesh network. Read slowly and thoroughly!

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It’s been many years (3 +) since people were having issues with these Schlage locks and they still have not improved the firmware?

I remember when I first got mine - it took me couple weeks to make it stable. And dummy me removed the device by accident from ST. Was lazy for a few months to work on it (knowing what is waiting for me) but the day has come.

The idiotic thing would not pair. Followed every single advice her and dozen other threads. The lock, and the hub seemed to talk to each other because: after hit the programing code and 0, hub front LED (of course I have the hub budding the lock) starts flashing rapid (green) for a few seconds and then it goes solid. But the app (classic) doesn’t recognize any devices nor I can see anything in the live log. The lock also confirms that it was paired, with single beep and 3 green flashes.

Most idiotic thing ever.

EDIT: Just went out and bought brand new lock from a local store as I need this working asap - guess what. Same f****** result. Lock confirms pairing but Smartthings app says no device founds. This the most f**** frustrating sh1* ever. Hub is next lock, touching it. Tried with all other Z-wave devices on or off (turned of circuit breakers in the whole house and powered smartthings V2 hub and internet modem of my UPS).

EDIT2: Installed the new ST app. For some weird reason, it had two locations in it. It was probably something that happened when accounts were migrated as I had non active ST account with same email as the Samsung account.The ghost location had dozens of “unknown devices” (only visible thru the new app). After clean up, I still can’t get the ST app to acknowledge the lock was added. The lock it self still says it was associated with Z-Wave network (confirmed by flashing alarm light when power to lock is restored).

The amount of frustration (I am IT specialist) with this multi-year issue and lack of any work on ST to resolve it urges my desire to grab a hammer.

Edit 3:
Spoke with ST support - they have no idea. I also found out that the hub even is different from live logging. The hub even shows ZWJOIN. They are escalating to tier 2.

EDIT 4 and SOLUTION: Tier 2 support came back advising that a custom DTH is preventing successful inclusion. Deleted an old DTH by @RBoy that I was not even using previously and it included perfectly fine. It’s weird that I did not see this advice anywhere so if some one can added to the Schlage FAQ - please do!

UGH!! I am stuck and not sure where to go. I’m in the process of setting up my new house with our devices. We’ve added a new Schlage to the mix and the activity feed says "Universal Z-Wave Lock with Alarms for Schlage, Yale and Kwickset (Lock is securely included) but I can’t find the dang device anywhere. I see my old Schlage which we did not remove from the hub before moving (that’s a whole 'nuther thing in itself) but can not find this new lock. Where is it hiding? I’m still using the classic app and a 1st gen hub. Can anyone help???

I believe you have the same problem as I did (just added solution above) - a @RBoy DTH was preventing successful inclusion. That’s judging by the word “Universal”.

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That is great news!!! Before I delete it… is there a handler to replace the @RBoy one now? I think I paid for that (and the garage door opener one) and was hoping to use it again and transfer the settings over to the new lock.

Make a copy of it. I suspect after inclusion, you might be able to re-add the custom one and change the devices settings to it.

Any tips on how to do that? I installed it such a long time ago, I feel like an utter newb again.

Find the DTH in the IDE under “My Device Handlers”, edit - select all the code, copy and paste it into a text file/email or whatever back up you prefer.

Note: you may need to select your location after logging into ST IDE.

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Thanks! Guess I’ll be trying that today!

616fun I need your help I’m having the same issues with pairing? Did you unplug your pocket sockets?

I deleted the handler and I was able to pair my lock finally. Thank you!!

Schlage recently released a Zwave Plus version of the Camelot lock. I am guessing that should improve things. You still have to have a robust zwave plus backbone (don’t care if they say zwave is totally backwards compatible, you still do not get 100% of the benefit if you have a mix) so beaming devices, longer range, faster speed, network wide inclusion, etc make things smoother. I was surprised to hear that NWI was turned off on the ST hub until recently (maybe just temporarily? not sure). Anyway, the previous non plus versions could not be upgraded so whatever bugs were on the lock when you purchased it, could not be corrected therefore I was not surprised with having super frustrating issues adding my 3 locks to ST v3 recently. Now that the zwave plus locks are out, I wonder whether it is still frustrating or things got better…

I suspect that many of the posts I read on people having issues, were new users with poor zwave mesh networks so they were dealing with the inherent difficulty of including Schlage locks, along with all the issues that arise with a poor mesh network.

There are several posts on this forum that give tips on how to increase your chances of a successful pairing so I won’t open that can of worms :wink:

Some of the DTH’s being used appear to be from a few years ago. It’s highly recommended to keep the DTH current as it’s updated periodically to keep it in line with the latest ST platform and firmware changes / updates.

For example the latest DTH update is required for changes made in the 25.x hub firmware release

For anyone having trouble while pairing devices when using custom DTH’s, read this FAQ. There’s an issue with that platform when unused DTH’s are marked as “stale” and can prevent successful pairing. Republishing the unused DTH or deleting unused DTH’s is the fix. This article explains it more detail:

@Heather_A FYR, this should solve your custom DTH issue which was preventing the pairing from completing. Just republish your DTH and remove any old unused ones.

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