Schlage deadbolt and multi sensor

I’m brand new to this. Please be patient. My daughter needs a home security solution and asked me to help with it. I want to install a schlage smart connect deadbolt. I would also like to place a smartthings multisensor on the door to monitor the open/closed condition of the door. I then want to associate a siren with the multisensor so that it will sound if the door is forced open while the deadbolt is in the LOCKED position. My daughter is in a difficult situation. We’re concerned about her safety and are trying to do what we can to help her be more secure.
I was hoping that the smartthings hub might be able to use the condition of the schlage deadbolt LOCK/UNLOCK to arm and disarm the multisensor on the door. Is that possible?
she’s in a large old house and sleeps on the second floor. If someone forced the door during the night while the deadbolt is locked she would probably not hear a phone notification thus the siren idea. However we would only want the siren to activate when the deadbolt is in the locked position and the multisensor shows open door. we wouldn’t want the siren to sound when she opens an unlocked door. Is what I’m seeking possible? Is there a better way? Thank you for any assistance you can offer.

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