Help When Schlage Connect Deadbolt Alarm is Triggered

I have three Schlage Deadbolts installed on various doors in my home. The alarm on a given deadbolt is set to go off if someone basically kicks down the door. What I would like have happen is if someone kicks in the front door, then I would like that to trigger the alarms on the other two doors as well. Is this possible?

I don’t believe it is. Not 100% sure, but I doubt it.

I also have a SmartThings Siren. If an alarm is tripped at the door then, if possible, I would like for it to trigger the siren.

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I believe that can be done. I am not sure of all the options but I’m pretty sure @RBoy apps can do that.

I don’t know if there is a free version of an app that is available. You will have to pay to use RBOY apps.
Specifically app number 18 is what your looking for.

He could comment or provide more details.


Thanks, Don.

I use his software on my lock and it has worked great. I don’t really use but a small portion of what he’s made available on the Schlage locks.

I had the alarm portion set at one time. But the dog playing would hit the door. Sometimes delays in deactivation of alarm settings would lag so we would trip it when we opened the door. So it’s currently disabled till I have time to tweak on it.


Yes it’s definitely possible, when using this Enhanced Z-Wave DH:

The lock will send a “Tamper” alert when the built in alarm is set off. You can then use this tamper alert to set off the alarm using SHM. If you want, you can also configured the DH send a “motion” alert in addition to a tamper alert since not all SmartApp support tamper alert devices but most of them support Motion alerts.

Here’s another app you may find useful to set off the siren when it detects tampering.


I have an identical setup with three Schlage and I use custom device handlers and smartapps to control them. If you aren’t using it now, I would highly recommend @Rboy because it simply works and his support is top notch almost to a fault. Don’t let the small fee he is asking stop you like it did me at first because you get access to his library of apps. One of my favorite features is being able to maintain one smartapp for the user codes that automatically syncs up all three plus any valid user code disarms the ST security function.


I also wish to use the Schlage “tamper/kick” alert as an alarm condition, as it seems clear that such tampering should trigger the alarm when the house is empty, or the occupants are sleeping.

But with all due respect to the purveyors of fancy apps with extensive options, I would want this to be a LOCAL EXECUTION event, as basic security, like door/window sensors and these Schlage tamper alerts need to trigger a simple siren and maybe turn on some exterior lights, even if the burglar has cut the power and/or internet feed, or one or both have failed.

Basic security features need to work no matter what. Why don’t Samsung and Schlage offer this out-of-box? Why do I need to search these forums looking for an answer to such a basic question?

So, how to do this with only execution on the SmartThings hub? Isn’t this an issue of selecting the correct device handlers?

You can use RBoy’s custom device handler + smart app to turn on your own lights + sirens when the lock’s alarm is triggered:

The custom DTH and SmartApp don’t support local execution which is why I have my modem + router + hub on a UPS. I’ve also considered buying a router with a Cellular backup but I think I will just wait for 5G at this point. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

I was cleaning my Schlage Connect lock’s keypad when ithe alarm went off due to several incorrect attempts. I couldn’t get it to stop until I disconnected the battery pack manually. Now the weird thing is that it keeps going off as soon as I connect the battery pack again. Does anyone know how to turn it off? I bascially can’t use my lock anymore until I resolve this.
I tried holding the inside Schlage button while connecting the pack, tapping it multiple times, but no luck.


Try just holding Schlage button until stops