Schlage Camelot BE469WK vs. BE469NX ? confused

Is the BE469WK 619 compatible with SmartThings?? I see a lot of listings on ebay for $140 new and there is a $20 off $100 ebay coupon (C20OFFSEPT) right now. The WK model does seem to have the same description and it says that it is Z-wave…

The SmartThings support article for connecting the Schlage Camelot only references the NX model:

This article applies to the following locks:
Schlage Camelot Touchscreen BE469NXCAM619
Schlage Camelot Touchscreen BE469NXCAM716
Schlage Camelot Touchscreen BE469NXCAM605

EDIT: OK i found out the WK = Wink and the NX = Nexia. Do both work with SmartThings? I know the NX definitely works because it is in the SmartThings support (and I have one in my home).

Not sure what the offical model number is on mine but it had works with Wink on the box and no mention of Nexia. I bought it at Target and the item description is all about connecting to Wink. No model number shown though. Have had no issues with my lock.

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I wondered the same and researched last year.

The skinny is all will work w/smart things. The difference (I was told by schlage) was in the packaging “works w/Nexia” or “works w/Wink”


The WK models work as well.

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This does not appear to be correct and it looks like the WK models are not supported by SmartThings. If the WK model does work with the SmartThings hub, can you provide some instruction to connect with the hub?

I have 2 BE469WK locks that I have been using with a Vera system. I decided to convert to SmartThings since it can connect to the Amazon Echo and I am in the process of migrating my devices to the SmartThings hub. I have followed the instructions to unpair the device from the Vera system and it worked, but it will not pair with the SmartThings. The manual and setup for the lock that is programmed into the SmartThings is for the NX model.

Is there something special that needs to be done or any settings that need to be changed since it is looking for an NX model?

The NX vs WK just designates which system it’s marketed with - Nexia or Wink. They’re the same physical device.

Are you following the directions on this page?

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Is there a programming difference between them? When I bought my second lock and tried to connect it with my Vera system, it would not work. It was only then that I realized that I bought the NX model. I followed all the instructions, but could not get it to talk to my Vera system. I had to return it and make sure I bought the WK model before I could get it to connect to the Vera. Both WK models work fine with the Vera. It makes me think there is something more than just marketing.

I did follow all the instruction to unpair the device from the Vera, which worked fine. It would not recognize the SmartThings Hub if you do the standard pairing instructions for both the lock and the SmartThings hub. I am stuck. Unless there are special instructions to make the WK model work, It does not appear to be supported through the standard pairing process.

So far I have been able to migrate most of devices, but the locks are the most expensive devices I have and I would like to avoid having to use two controller.

Any help or ideas you have to get them to connect to SmartThings would be greatly appreciated.

You should contact if you can’t get it. When you attempt the Exclusion process, does our mobile app confirm that it’s been excluded?

If not, it may be a range issue. Z-Wave Exclusion doesn’t utilize your mesh network, so you’ll need to bring the hub and the lock close together. If you haven’t received confirmation that it’s been Excluded successfully you’ll be unable to pair it.

I’d recommend contacting Support from there, because these locks work fine with our hub. I have one 10 ft from my desk.

I Will have to contact support then. I actually took the lock off the door and placed it 6 inches from the hub to try and pair it.

Your mobile app cannot connect to the lock at all so, I m not sure what you are asking about confirming the exclusion. When I excluded it from my Vera system, the Vera controller recognized that I was trying to unpair it and successfully unpaired and removed the device. After I could not get it to work with SmartThings I repaired it back to Vera so I could have a functioning lock. It is back on the Vera system working fine.

The SmartThing hub did not respond to anything the lock was doing.

Start by following the Exclusion steps again. If you cannot get our app to acknowledge that a device has been excluded (the lock), then it’s obvious that there’s some communication problem between the device and the hub.

Z-Wave Exclusion is general, so you can exclude any device, even if it was never connected to the hub.

Support will provide similar troubleshooting steps, but they can also look at your logs to see if there’s a deeper issue.

I have the WK model and it connects fine with the SmartThings hub… locks and unlocks and reports events as expected. I can’t seem to figure out how to remotely setup codes though. Their video shows code setup, but that seems to be on the Nexia system… does SmartThings at all allow the remote setup and deletion of codes on this lock?

With SmartThings you can do a lot more with the Schlage Camelot but i don’t believe you have access to those features “out-of-the-box” on the SmartThings Apps.

I use a user-created SmartApp. Author is RBOY and it is called “Lock Single User Code Management”. You can find on these forums.

My friend users a similar user-created SmartApp by ETHAYER. My friend has tinkered with it more recently than I have and he seems to have more features such as push notifications to his phone based on the user code used. Link for ETHAYER’s GitHub below:

both user created SmartApps above can do what you need and more =)

Thanks so much for the response, Benson! The link on that site with the code to copy didn’t have anything in it… or maybe it’s just all too over my head!

If you want to try ETHAYER’s, message me your email.

My friend sent me an email on January 12th 2016 with his installation instructions and the notepad attachment with the code. I can forward to you. I never tried because he is really wordy and it’s a wall of text, and my version from RBOY was and is still working just fine.

edit: actually i looked and it’s not that wordy. i was probably just lazy lol

I have a Schlage Camelot BE469IR V CAM 619 (from Lowes, assuming IR is if IRIS). I bought the Samsung SmartThings Hub and they would not easily connect. I had to do the exclusion for the lock first, then it would connect. Once connected though, the SmartThings Hub could not control the lock whatsoever. It will show the status of the lock (locked/unlock) but that is the extent to which they work together.

Although they are both Z-wave and technically connect, they do not work together.

No where on the smart things website have I found a list of models that will work with the software.

For the reasons listed above, I am returning all systems and going with the WinkHub and WK lock.

What other features are you looking for? If you want to use the full extent of the features of the lock you may want to consider using a customer device handler that can use all the features like:

And then a SmartApp to program the user codes like:

These apps require you to get access to the RBoy Apps server, but look at threads and you’ll get an idea of what all you can do with a lock like the BE469.

Like Tyler had mentioned earlier, physically the locks are identical, they are just branded differently for Wink or Iris or Nexia etc. It’s possible you may have received a “returned” item since you said that you had to exclude it first to use it.