BE468 CAM 605 integration with SmartThings

Hi all. I am buying a schlage smart lock again, but for a friend. I know that the BE469 version of the schlage lock works perfectly with SmartThings. I would like to know if one is 100% sure that the BE468 version is also compatible? According to schlage, it does not show support for it…


OK. I just called schlage directly and the rep informed me that the 468 version is compatible with smartthings hub. Reps have been known to be wrong from time to time so if someone can confirm from this community as well, that’d be great. I will be ordering the 468 version soon otherwise. Have a nice day.

Order 469ZP. It has Alarm and it’s Z-wave Plus

I was trying to save $50 by just getting the 468 version. I didn’t realize z-wave “plus” was even a thing lol. Does it make that much of a difference? Or is the z-wave plus features really most valuable in the hub only?

There are three different models, BE468, BE469 and BE469ZP.
The BE468 and BE469 are Z-Wave, the difference being that the BE468 does not have the built in Alarm feature, otherwise identical.
The BE469ZP has a Z-Wave Plus module and is otherwise identical to the BE469.

See this post for a table comparison of lock features.

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Thanks very much. In conclusion, I just got the BE469. Thanks.