Schlage BE469NXCAM619 Camelot

Anyone have any experience with getting this deadbolt synced with the Smarthub. It’s a great device and works flawlessly now it just needs integration.

Yep, I have one and it works great. With the HUB in pairing mode type in your programming code and hit 0, which enables the Z-Wave radio.

When you say the HUB in pairing mode, you mean the Smarthub? And the app will see it as a deadbolt ready for pairing? Thanks a lot for the info

Yeah, you got it. The range isn’t great though. More than 40 feet from the Hub and it started to get flakey for me. If you have a couple of Z-Wave devices with security beaming between the hub and lock it will help a lot for longer runs.

Luckily, I live in NYC, meaning apartments are small no matter what. This will just make my life insanely easier. Since you have one of these blessings, have you come up with any cool apps to incorporate it with?

I have been using it with the lock it when I leave, and unlock it when I return apps and it works pretty well. The only problems are every now and then it would take a few seconds longer to unlock the door than it would take me to get from my car to the door…but living in an apartment I dont think you’d have that issue as it works perfectly when I am returning from a walk with the dog.

If you have IDE access I suggest using the app @jleonar wrote for this instead…it is a little cleaner and combines the two apps above into one. You can find it near the end of the kwikset lock page in the General section.

I’d like an app that would make sure the door is locked when night mode is entered, and if not do so. It might be something I write up myself it should be just a couple of lines.

Cory, you are the best. This just completely made my day. Only issue I see, pretty significant delay in response. Do you have the same issue?

Thanks again,


I did at first, it would take about 30 seconds. Later it decreased to about 4 seconds…which I assume is from backend changes SmartThings made. Relying on the presence tag to lock the door takes me exactly 2 minutes to drive out of range and for the connection to timeout enough to lock the door.

I would like the system to use my phone as a presence tag but not sure if it’s accepting it as such. Once ordering opens back up I’ll be ordering a few presence tags. This is really fantastic though!

It seems people haven’t been too impressed with the phone as a presence tag option so far.