Schlage BE469NX and presence sensor(s)

I just got my V2 hub and I installed a Schlage BE469NX Z-wave deadbolt on my front door.

I also have a Smartthing presence sensor and I would like for the schlage to unlock when smartthings sees the presence sensor arrive.

The schlage has an autolock function so although it would be nice, it isn’t absolutely necessary for me to have smatthings lock the door when the presence sensor is not detected.

Does anyone know the easiest way to do this keeping in mind that I am new to all this?

I was hoping that the baseline features in the SmartThings app for my android phone would have the ability to do all that but I am not so well maneuvering around in the app and I really don’t know what the different features are exactly.

I was able to set smartthings to send me a text when I arrive carrying the sensor :smile:

Hey @gillSpie

The easiest way would be to have a routine trigger based on your presence sensor coming home, then have that routine unlock the door.

Go to routines (middle of the five bottom icons) then select an existing routine or create a new one. Edit the routine by tapping the gear in the upper right of the chosen routine.

In the “What do you want to happen?” section, scroll to find the line to ‘unlock these doors’ and hit the plus at the side, then select your lock, tap done.

Now scroll to the bottom to the area called “Additional Settings” and select Automatically perform routine when…

Again tap the + at the side, then tap the plus next to Someone Arrives. Find the line for “which?” and select your presence sensor.

Then just hit done a bunch of times and that should do it!

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Thank you so much! That was perfect!

I saw those routine icons but didn’t have a clue what they were for.

Your procedure was absolutely perfect. Thank you for taking the time to help me.

Routines are kinda a way to collect a bunch of different things together to happen given specific situations, like when you come home or when you go to sleep.

For example: When I come home, turn on these lights, unlock the door, turn on a sonos play list, and turn off the Alarm…

Or, when I go to sleep turn off these lights, lock that door, and turn on the alarm.

Routines can also be used to change the mode. A mode is a way to “regulating” what smart apps run or don’t run. For example, you only want that auto on/off of this like to happen when you’re in away or vacation mode. Some things (like maybe ‘turn on the coffee maker’) only should happen if your in home or night mode.

Think of mode being an on-going condition in which things do or don’t happen, depending on what you setup.

Routines are momentary events that activate certain actions (turn on light, lock doors, change thermostat conditions) at that point.

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Be careful with automatically unlocking your door or opening your garage door based on arrival of a presence sensor or mobile device. Presence with SmartThings isn’t the most reliable. You’re likely to see your phone and/or presence sensor go away and come home while you are at home. At some point, your door will automatically unlock or open when you don’t expect it.


You can adjust the presence tag timeout in the IDE. You can set it up the way to 10 minutes. Basically that means that you have to be gone for 10 minutes before it will recognize you as really gone.

This will really cut down on the false “leave-returns” that do at times happen with the presence sensors as well as geo-fence problems with mobile phones.

The down side here is that it takes 10 minutes before the hub thinks you leave as well. If you have things like “auto close the garage door after I leave” setup, then it wouldn’t close for 10 minutes after you left.

But the OP has his lock auto locking anyway (a built in thing in his lock, not based on ST), so that shouldn’t be an issue.

I personally do have an app setup to auto close my garage, so I have mine timeout set for 2 minutes… the lowest it can go. To protect against the false “leave-arrive” there is a fail safe built into the app that requires the sensor to be gone for 10 minutes before it will open the garage door on return.

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