Schlage BE369 can't get it to connect. HELP!

HI, i am new to ST trying to move on from Nexia. I have a schlage BE369 and a light module. i can’t not get either to connect to the ST hub. I have read that others do use the lock with ST. i have removed it from Nexia and still nothing. Any advice? Ty

Did you actually exclude the lock from the zwave network.

Thanks for your response. I went into nexia and removed the lock from system. I am not sure if the removal excluded it. When I went back in the lock was no longer available.

I got it. I excluded the lock from nexia and it connected right away. Thanks. No to learn about the smartapps

I have this lock but have been unsuccessful so far in pairing. What do I have to do on the lock to initiate a pair/exclude?

I’m either stupid or my instructions do not include this vital piece information.

You need to exclude it from your current hub. If its nexia google search excluding items from nexia. You will find the instructions.