Schedule SmartSense Motion

Is there anyway to schedule the SmartSense Motion to only work between certain hours like 6:30 pm and 10:00 pm?

Not directly out of the box. You would have to write your own device type code or the better method would be to have your app have mode or time methods that could account for it.

Maybe q little more detail of what you want or are trying to do would help me understand better. Maybe there is an easier way.


I’m trying to just turn on the Bedroom Lights between 6:30 pm to 10:00 Pm when motion is sensed…

Thats about it…

Are you using an Android or iOS device? There is already an app/solution to do this I just want to point to the right menu.


I have an iOS device

OK, cool and easy way to do what you want is built into SmartThings already. Follow these steps:

  1. Go into the Dashboard
  2. Scroll to the Lights and Switches section
  3. Tap on the little gear
  4. Tap "Add new light/switch"
  5. Give it a name (Bedroom Lights) and tap next
  6. Choose the device and tap next
  7. Tap "Turn on when there is motion"
  8. Choose the motion sensor you want to use.
  9. Scroll down and tap "+ More Options"
  10. Tap "Only during a certain time" item
  11. Enter in the "Starting" and "Ending" times
  12. Tap "Done"
  13. Then continue on with your desired selections

Pretty cool heh? I think it was the “+ More Option” that made it a little hard to find. Maybe the guys a SmartThings will give us a global option in the app that expands or rolls up all menu options. So while were new we can have all choices visible and then after a while we can hide them.

Anyway, hope you got what you needed.


Freaking Awesome… Thanks very much!!! Theres so many hidden things if you don’t know where they are. Took me scrolling around to find the smart labs area earlier…

For everyone else he found it by opening SmartThings on the phone and go into ‘Apps’ and then scroll all the way to the bottom or last section. There it is!