Turn off Light after a certain period of time with no motion detected in the room?


Im reviewing the SmartThings product line and will be recieving some Yale products as well next week so i am new here.

I am trying to get the CentraLite Switch to turn off the light in the basement when the SmartSense Motion doesn’t detect any movement after a certain period of time like 3 hours.

Is there a way to program that?

I couldn’t figure out how to do it in IFTTT

Much appreciated,


If you truly want the time period to be 3 hours, that can be done by writing a SmartApp. If you are ok with something like “when things quiet down” that is built into the Motion dashboards.

How can I write my own SmartApp?

This is a little dated now, but still pretty much correct:

I’d suggest start by looking at the “Darken Behind Me” example SmartApp. You’re going to want to modify this to probably add a runIn procedure for the time delay.

I cant get registered on the developer portion of the website, I entered all my info and tried to create an account but it just gets stuck thereafter clicking register, Im not sure if its an issue with the server

Please contact support. They can get it sorted out.

You can can also set it up for a certain mode or a time period. I.e. Dusk or evening.

Can someone please explain where to find the tus described in Bens posts? In motion dashboard I see nothing about controlling lights. In the ADD page the search term finds no results for ‘darken’.