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Santa just delivered a Sonos

(Daniel Consuegra) #8
  1. Lucky you! You live in the land of instant tech advances! We Europeans have to wait I don’t know what/why for! I’d love to have a few echoes here too!

  2. Thanks for the code! Just installed/configured it!

2b. Just a few things… If I want the weather report, is the zip code mandatory or will it default to the hub’s location? And second, I just hit the play button to confirm the alarms and the sonos is quiet… That’s not what’s supposed to happen right? Lol!


(Micheal ) #9

For your question, yes, it will use the hub location, and what you are hearing (or not) is due to the TTS being gone :frowning:

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(Daniel Consuegra) #11


I should seriously look into my memory problem! Lol! We were talking about text to speech being taken out in the first place! Lol!

So no weather report for me… Just the music station I choose?

** edit: anyways… What else can we do with a sonos and ST at this time? Ideas?


(Micheal ) #12

I still use my Sonos to wake me up in the morning…I basically set up a Routine that simple turns on the Sonos like a switch at a specific time with some specific lighting settings. I can then ask Alexa the weather report.

Sonos speakers are very nice, and while I bought them just to have ST integration, I have increased my Sonos footprint because of their quality. I also found a way to control them with my Alexa, so I have the best of both worlds.

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(Daniel Consuegra) #13

So basically I’m good to go with just your app as it is? For now?


(Micheal ) #14

You can if you want some of the unique functions such as having two alarms go off (a sound and then music). Otherwise you can just use a built in routine to turn the device on or off.

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(Daniel Consuegra) #15

I’ll go your app’s way just in case TTS decides to reappear in the near future (fingers crossed!)! Lol!



(Micheal ) #16

Oh, if it comes back I will be the first to sing its praises. I just hope they improve the API and give different functions (i.e. change the voice maybe??).

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(Daniel Consuegra) #17

Ooh yeah! Always wanted to be able to talk to KITT or the Enterprise’s computer! Lol!

** edit: maybe we should tag someone important here as there’s ideas for improvement being thrown?


(Daniel Consuegra) #18

Hey @MichaelS !

Maybe I’m pushing too far (sorry if i do) but… My 7 year old daughter just told me before to create an alarm if the main door opens… And I’ve already got a open close sensor there…

Can that be done with the sonos?



(Micheal ) #19

Yes…There are a few options for doing that…in your ST app go to Marketplace>>>SmartApps>>>Music and Sound>>>Speaker Control. That might do what you are looking for.

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(Daniel Consuegra) #20

It’s almost there! Lol! The basics are there… Open the door, and the sonos plays… Yes, but!

There should be a way to select the “song” -> “Intruder detected! Get out!”… Instead of just playing anything…

Darn, how I wish I knew how to program in groove (or is it Groovy…?)


(Micheal ) #21

There used to be a program that would allow you to play a custom MP3…is that no longer in there? (did you try the bose program?)


(Daniel Consuegra) #22

I tried it after you suggested it but I can’t see where to select the wanted mp3… :anguished:



Can I ask what you’re using to control Sonos from the Echo?


(Micheal ) #24

An app I wrote: [RELEASE] Alexa Helper

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(Daniel Consuegra) #25

Hey @MichaelS !!!

TTS is back!! (But that’s old news right?)

I just reinstalled the talking alarm and I can’t seem to be able to configure a Country music station after the weather report… Says no devices to connect…


PS: I’m so happy I just lost all sleepy sensation!! Lol!


(Micheal ) #26

Getting the music to show up on the list is a bit tedious:

First, go into the Sonos app and play the music you want.
Go into SmartThings and go to the Sonos Connect app…click refresh until the music appears in the list at the bottom
Stop the music and now it should appear in the app…

This is a SmartThings issue with Sonos…

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(Daniel Consuegra) #27

Damn! I can get a song to show up, but not a station from TuneIn radio…


(Micheal ) #28

Yeah…the music piece is considered “labs” by SmartThings…I would open a ticket with support to let them know this is affecting you.

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